Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No frills NW Indiana blogs today


Great Reads for Moms

Homes prices in Schererville

The Fiscal Cliff by Kevin Tracy 

Calling for nominations for influential women

Sales Training using sales professionals skills

Marci Crozier garners honor

Improving housing markets

Horizon Bank donates to local food pantries

The RDA makes their own case

Sorry for the no frills, but wanted to publish the ones I noticed this morning without having the time to add photos and commentary.   Will post to NW Indiana google+ group too.   


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Top Facebook Pages List

I took a little bit of time, as part of a larger research project for a client, to develop a list of the Top Facebook pages in NW Indiana.   If you have interest you can follow/subscribe along with me.   It was interesting to see which pages are rising quickly into the Top category.

Top Facebook Pages in Northwest Indiana, ranked by number of likes. 

It would be nice to know who actually admins the big generic ones.  

Update:  The list is up to 150+ pages now.   It's been very interesting to learn some best practices along the way too.  More soon ...