Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friends roundup early October

A long long time ago, when time was more freely accessible,  I would write a post every week about the bloggers in the Northwest Indiana digital community.   I would spotlight some new ones, some comment heavy posts, or even an old blog that was dormant and we hoped would kick it back into gear.   Well as happens when the economy starts to gain momentum, I got busy.

Not only has our family business Green Pointe Partners, been growing all summer with awesome clients and consulting projects ... but of all things the world got political and you know I get slowly drawn into the world of politics most every fall.

So a quick overview, harken back to the old days of two years ago, and who's doing some interesting and active writing in the region:

  • continues to grow as NW Indiana's real leader in the tech start-up and community creation space.   Great work to Chris and the Good News team.   There's almost no way to spotlight any one post so for now a recommendation to stop by and check out today's articles.  
  • A long-time friend and dynamite mortgage banker Robby Rud has stepped up the mortgage and home finance posts with this most recent one:   Refinance Activity soars in NW Indiana
  • I can still remember back in 1986 the old computer configuration of a mainframe and a dumb terminal, how far we've come since then ... or really have we?  The newest greatest in office productivity innovation is the virtual office.  Your entire desktop, files, servers, backups, photos, videos, emails ... everything in the cloud.   You can access it from all your devices, it's always backed up, and you can't lose it even if you try.   I'm working right now on my own virtual desktop and loving it!  Ready to try one out for you business, then my good friends at Iddea Group are the guys to talk to.   
  • Along the same lines as cloud desktops, is my recent foray into mobile application development.  By this time next year every small business will need to have a mobile app, it's that simple.  My partners at My Mobile Fans are building and developing so affordably that I personally think we should raise the prices.   Mobile Apps for Indiana Businesses
  • Not a blog, yet that is since we are building a brand new blog together, but Mike and Mike over at Regional Plumbing and Heating have some big announcements brewing over at NW Indiana's #1 heating and plumbing contractor.   You can find them on FB and twitter, but here's the website so you can get your fall furnace maintenance set up.   Porter County Heating and Plumbing Today

Notice a trend?  Oh yeah, I spotlighted my friends and clients today.   You can call it self-serving or even capitalistic.  I'm ok with all those tags.   If you're serious about growing your business, we should talk about some ways to work together.  

Steve "daltonsbriefs"
Green Pointe Partners

Note:  Four more spotlights coming next week.