Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's going on in Northwest Indiana

A few years ago I had the time and focus to write almost daily about political, social media, and online collaboration topics almost daily, well although I cannot spend that time any longer with starting a new company, I did have a bit of time this afternoon since I finally finished the classic book War and Peace this week and was missing the writing time a bit.

For those that are wondering, it took me three weeks to read War and Peace, a pretty trying time for me as it coincided with a major career change that will be announced soon.

In the past I've taken the time to try and list all the active blogs that I know about, well of course I've fallen down on collecting blog feeds and miss a ton of them.  I've also tried to track the #nwindiana stream on twitter and various online groups and events.   Was trying to think what in the world to write about or study today without boring you beyond the boredom you're already considering.

Perhaps a little "day in the life of a social media regional thinker" would suffice.  I'll just wander for a bit and let you watch the way I spend my time trying to connect, collaborate, and socialize.

  1. I used to go straight to google reader, actually for many years, and yet my reader is failing to keep up with the times and I tend to go to google+ first.   (My google+ profile)  I realized I never shared my NW Indiana circle, with roughly 210 members that I've found in the region, and shared it with that same group asking for names that I'm missing.  When I'm focused and planning my time well, one goal each day is to grow connections on each platform.  After a bit of housekeeping I was able to add maybe 30 more people to circles, eliminate one circle I no longer need and check out who's doing what in NW Indiana on google+ which frankly isn't much yet.   Dave Hiested posted an interesting article about salaries for professors.
  2. Let's take a look at google reader for a few now:   A few years ago I set up a NW Indiana folder with hundreds of feeds and it's good to take a look and see who's got activity.   Blue County in a Read State features Buzz and TMLutas talking cost of electricity.   Long time region real estate blogger Jeff and Grace Safrin continue to say things are picking up in real estate.  Just today Professor Eisenstein at Purdue posted this article about problems with Purdue, I think they don't want him speaking his mind on his own blog.   I'll be heading in a few to April Antics, see ValpoLife article on last night's show.   Popular writer Kevin Tracy has technical difficulties and wonders aloud who might have caused.   After I finished this post I'll go to each of these posts and leave a comment, as loyal blog readers should do more often, including myself.  
  3. Now to that active little twitter stream we all love #nwindiana, for those that don't use tags, type in that tag including the pound sign in the search box.  Alas only 23 posts today, and not a whole lot of interaction.  Most active recently on twitter:  @SouthshoreCVA  @Parrotheaddad5 @NWIndianaLife @NWIBusiness @ValpoLife @davewoodson @Daltonsbriefs
  4. yeah that last one is me ... I try to at least help out by RT'ing and pushing onto the stream news and announcements, like the one yesterday that I-94 was a mess because a bank robber headed to Chicago was dumping cash out on the highway during a high speed chase! Lol 
  5. A few of the active tweeps in the region have lists they created a few years back, we probably need someone to endeavor to create a full list for the region.
  6. I keep an eye on active LinkedIn groups, but that's a bit of an oxymoron as I don't know of any real active groups on Linkedin, our own NW Indiana Group does get some activity but could use some care.  A couple spammers but not much actual interaction this week there.  With 500+ members the ValpoLife group is probably the most active, which ones am I missing? 

I'm an hour into my little journey and actually got distracted by a post, some comments, an argument on facebook about baseball, texted a few people, and need to roll now.   As you can see, I try and engage people in the places they are creating content.  I try to return the favor of commenting and Rt'ing and sharing, but I do get grumpy that hardly anyone else does.   Off for now, maybe try again tomorrow if I have time after church.