Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No frills NW Indiana blogs today


Great Reads for Moms

Homes prices in Schererville

The Fiscal Cliff by Kevin Tracy 

Calling for nominations for influential women

Sales Training using sales professionals skills

Marci Crozier garners honor

Improving housing markets

Horizon Bank donates to local food pantries

The RDA makes their own case

Sorry for the no frills, but wanted to publish the ones I noticed this morning without having the time to add photos and commentary.   Will post to NW Indiana google+ group too.   


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Top Facebook Pages List

I took a little bit of time, as part of a larger research project for a client, to develop a list of the Top Facebook pages in NW Indiana.   If you have interest you can follow/subscribe along with me.   It was interesting to see which pages are rising quickly into the Top category.

Top Facebook Pages in Northwest Indiana, ranked by number of likes. 

It would be nice to know who actually admins the big generic ones.  

Update:  The list is up to 150+ pages now.   It's been very interesting to learn some best practices along the way too.  More soon ...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friends roundup early October

A long long time ago, when time was more freely accessible,  I would write a post every week about the bloggers in the Northwest Indiana digital community.   I would spotlight some new ones, some comment heavy posts, or even an old blog that was dormant and we hoped would kick it back into gear.   Well as happens when the economy starts to gain momentum, I got busy.

Not only has our family business Green Pointe Partners, been growing all summer with awesome clients and consulting projects ... but of all things the world got political and you know I get slowly drawn into the world of politics most every fall.

So a quick overview, harken back to the old days of two years ago, and who's doing some interesting and active writing in the region:

  • ValpoLife.com continues to grow as NW Indiana's real leader in the tech start-up and community creation space.   Great work to Chris and the Good News team.   There's almost no way to spotlight any one post so for now a recommendation to stop by and check out today's articles.  
  • A long-time friend and dynamite mortgage banker Robby Rud has stepped up the mortgage and home finance posts with this most recent one:   Refinance Activity soars in NW Indiana
  • I can still remember back in 1986 the old computer configuration of a mainframe and a dumb terminal, how far we've come since then ... or really have we?  The newest greatest in office productivity innovation is the virtual office.  Your entire desktop, files, servers, backups, photos, videos, emails ... everything in the cloud.   You can access it from all your devices, it's always backed up, and you can't lose it even if you try.   I'm working right now on my own virtual desktop and loving it!  Ready to try one out for you business, then my good friends at Iddea Group are the guys to talk to.   IddeaGroup.com   
  • Along the same lines as cloud desktops, is my recent foray into mobile application development.  By this time next year every small business will need to have a mobile app, it's that simple.  My partners at My Mobile Fans are building and developing so affordably that I personally think we should raise the prices.   Mobile Apps for Indiana Businesses
  • Not a blog, yet that is since we are building a brand new blog together, but Mike and Mike over at Regional Plumbing and Heating have some big announcements brewing over at NW Indiana's #1 heating and plumbing contractor.   You can find them on FB and twitter, but here's the website so you can get your fall furnace maintenance set up.   Porter County Heating and Plumbing Today

Notice a trend?  Oh yeah, I spotlighted my friends and clients today.   You can call it self-serving or even capitalistic.  I'm ok with all those tags.   If you're serious about growing your business, we should talk about some ways to work together.  

Steve "daltonsbriefs"
Green Pointe Partners

Note:  Four more spotlights coming next week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

 Reprinted from Business Mobile Applications Blog

August 13th kicks off our Back to School Special, limited to the month of August.    Why would a small business mobile app company care about back to school you Business can kick back into gearmay ask?   Well in talking to our own customers, those looking to build native mobile applications for restaurants, churches, bands, community groups … you name it … we have often heard this summer that it will be easier to get things rolling once the kids are “backtoschool.”
Any new sign-up for any of our mobile app packages, is eligible for $100 off the initial fee.   Enter “BacktoSchool” in the coupon box at checkout to redeem this discount and get starting building your own mobile application for Android, Iphone, and/or Ipad.
Often these specials are followed with limited time, or limited number available.   In this case, the special will be turned off on September 1st at 12:01 a.m.    No limit on number of companies and/or groups that can use the coupon.    If you’ve been waiting, thinking, wondering aloud about using a mobile app to market and engage your customers … let’s make this happen!
Head over to My Mobile Fans – Let’s Get Started and remember to use “BacktoSchool” in the coupon field to redeem your discount.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Express wants you

If this is a good definition of who you are:
  • Active in Indiana Social Media - not just NW Indiana, but the whole state
  • Able to use social media to actually get results - show em
  • Have an understanding of results measurement - charging for time is a thing of the past
  • Love to connect, exchange, offer ideas, collaborate
  • Get a huge kick out of Family Express and their individual product brands

Then maybe, just maybe there is a job for you right now.  Check out this announcement on ValpoLife.com and see if you are willing to put in the work to be noticed.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mobile Apps for Restaurants

We can make this simple ... Mobile Applications for Restaurants is the most affordable and fastest way for any restaurant to get an Iphone or Android mobile app up and running.   Does a restaurant need a mobile app, yes especially if it can be created and published for less than $1,000.  

It's easy to get the process started, I can help you myself
email today sdalton (at) mymobilefans (dot) com

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mobile Application for SMU

My Mobile Fans Introduces Its Latest Mobile App for SMU's Cox Career Management Center
My Mobile Fans is pleased to introduce its latest mobile app for the students, alumni and faculty of Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business

Online PR News – 07-June-2012 – Life just got a little simpler for the students and alumni of Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business thanks to the school's new mobile app powered by Affordable mobile apps for business, a mobile app development company focused on bringing affordable mobile apps to individuals, small businesses and organizations of all sizes. Through their new mobile app the Cox Career Center can now help its students and alumni keep track of key dates and information related to job searches and career development, connect them to relevant social media applications and the university online job board, and empower them with helpful career, resume-building and interview tips all through the student's iPhone or iPad.
The SMU Cox Career Center can now join other restaurants, bands, conferences, sports teams and small businesses that have benefited from the custom mobile application development platform from My Mobile Fans. This user-friendly platform powers native iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5 apps for a fraction of the price found with most app development firms. The mobile app is no longer just a luxury for big corporations, video games and mainstream media thanks to My Mobile Fans and their affordable mobile app solutions, which start as low as $299.

Mobile apps are the present and future of small businesses. "They are becoming the single best way to create brand loyalty and customer interaction for local businesses and non-profits," says Andy Dalton, Founder of My Mobile Fans.

See for related:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Klout leaders in the region

Following the trend of making lists, and then sitting back and letting everyone disagree and argue about the results, today a quick list of social media influencers in NW Indiana, as rated not by me but by Klout.   So far, 4 out of top 5 are women social media leaders. 

A ton of updates Already!  Keep em coming:

Alright who am I missing?  I will willingly update as you send me those that were accidentally missed in my quick perusal of the stream.    It would be nice to get ten influencers over 60 on the Klout index in our region - good goal for this summer I think. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's going on in Northwest Indiana

A few years ago I had the time and focus to write almost daily about political, social media, and online collaboration topics almost daily, well although I cannot spend that time any longer with starting a new company, I did have a bit of time this afternoon since I finally finished the classic book War and Peace this week and was missing the writing time a bit.

For those that are wondering, it took me three weeks to read War and Peace, a pretty trying time for me as it coincided with a major career change that will be announced soon.

In the past I've taken the time to try and list all the active blogs that I know about, well of course I've fallen down on collecting blog feeds and miss a ton of them.  I've also tried to track the #nwindiana stream on twitter and various online groups and events.   Was trying to think what in the world to write about or study today without boring you beyond the boredom you're already considering.

Perhaps a little "day in the life of a social media regional thinker" would suffice.  I'll just wander for a bit and let you watch the way I spend my time trying to connect, collaborate, and socialize.

  1. I used to go straight to google reader, actually for many years, and yet my reader is failing to keep up with the times and I tend to go to google+ first.   (My google+ profile)  I realized I never shared my NW Indiana circle, with roughly 210 members that I've found in the region, and shared it with that same group asking for names that I'm missing.  When I'm focused and planning my time well, one goal each day is to grow connections on each platform.  After a bit of housekeeping I was able to add maybe 30 more people to circles, eliminate one circle I no longer need and check out who's doing what in NW Indiana on google+ which frankly isn't much yet.   Dave Hiested posted an interesting article about salaries for professors.
  2. Let's take a look at google reader for a few now:   A few years ago I set up a NW Indiana folder with hundreds of feeds and it's good to take a look and see who's got activity.   Blue County in a Read State features Buzz and TMLutas talking cost of electricity.   Long time region real estate blogger Jeff and Grace Safrin continue to say things are picking up in real estate.  Just today Professor Eisenstein at Purdue posted this article about problems with Purdue, I think they don't want him speaking his mind on his own blog.   I'll be heading in a few to April Antics, see ValpoLife article on last night's show.   Popular writer Kevin Tracy has technical difficulties and wonders aloud who might have caused.   After I finished this post I'll go to each of these posts and leave a comment, as loyal blog readers should do more often, including myself.  
  3. Now to that active little twitter stream we all love #nwindiana, for those that don't use tags, type in that tag including the pound sign in the search box.  Alas only 23 posts today, and not a whole lot of interaction.  Most active recently on twitter:  @SouthshoreCVA  @Parrotheaddad5 @NWIndianaLife @NWIBusiness @ValpoLife @davewoodson @Daltonsbriefs
  4. yeah that last one is me ... I try to at least help out by RT'ing and pushing onto the stream news and announcements, like the one yesterday that I-94 was a mess because a bank robber headed to Chicago was dumping cash out on the highway during a high speed chase! Lol 
  5. A few of the active tweeps in the region have lists they created a few years back, we probably need someone to endeavor to create a full list for the region.
  6. I keep an eye on active LinkedIn groups, but that's a bit of an oxymoron as I don't know of any real active groups on Linkedin, our own NW Indiana Group does get some activity but could use some care.  A couple spammers but not much actual interaction this week there.  With 500+ members the ValpoLife group is probably the most active, which ones am I missing? 

I'm an hour into my little journey and actually got distracted by a post, some comments, an argument on facebook about baseball, texted a few people, and need to roll now.   As you can see, I try and engage people in the places they are creating content.  I try to return the favor of commenting and Rt'ing and sharing, but I do get grumpy that hardly anyone else does.   Off for now, maybe try again tomorrow if I have time after church.