Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Media Today - NW Indiana

I won't take the time to use a grading system today, just links and thoughts quickly as i jumped through my list. What are you reading today? In my quick perusal around the digital region I was a bit dismayed that commenting is down, bookmarking is down, posting is down, and frankly even tweets in the #nwindiana stream are down. Come on team, collaborate to dominate.

  • From Steve DeWitt at Bethel. "I want to tell you a story from a few months ago. I’ve removed names but this story is true. There was a man visiting here from Tennessee visiting some family who are members of our church. They left to go back to Tennessee around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

They got down just north of Indy when their car broke down. They were able to coast onto an exit and into a truck stop. He called his son up here and told him what happened. The son was here at the church for Saturday service. He mentioned it to a woman here. She told her husband. The husband lets the son know that he would be happy to let his dad use their Suburban and he would drive it down with another truck he could use to haul the broken-down car back to Crown Point."

(head over to the post and read the rest of the story)

Figure Eight Brewing

~Brewing a Harvest Ale this Saturday with local hops fresh from a farm.
~On Tap: First Ascent , Ro Shampo, Camp 4 Brown Ale, Rye, Offwidth, Where Lizards, Twist Of F8 and Snake Pro IIPA

Crown Brewing

~On Tap: Replica Pale Ale, Special Forces IPA, Crown Light, Blueberry Light, Crown Brown, Kill'em Ale, Industrial Porter, Belgian Dubbel, Blueberry Wheat, Java Porter, Belgian Tripel

~The Marzen (Oktoberfest beer) will be on tap very very soon.

~City of CP and Crown is teaming up for an Oktoberfest Oct. 9 - 3-11pm on Main Street

~ Nov 13 is the Crown Challenge Homebrew Competition - get your home brew ready - more details to come.

Blogger Illustrated continues a legacy of offering terrific free advice from a true expert in the field of inbound marketing and search engine optimization. Complete with videos and comments that read even more thorough than the original post often. Allyn had some changes to make, google made some SEO changes and it hurt his sites. See how they worked.

The Times is still trying to make their social site work, and posting blog type articles there based on stories in their magazines or newspapers. The 40 under 40 story was all over their publications this week, here's the my.nwi version.

Cody from Center Write Nation posted this in memory of 9-11. Never Forget!

From Christ Lutheran: "We Are Blessed to have members of Christ Lutheran Church in Valparaiso, IN that have time and talents to do wonderful things, like Design, Create and Install the stained glass windows in our new sanctuary! Won't you join us on Sundays in worship and experience the beauty for yourselves. All are welcome here! Until then, here is the story behind the meaning of each window behind the altar..

Oh well, got bored writing this post way before the middle of my target list. What posts did you enjoy today?