Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ed Soliday | Standing Strong for Hoosiers in the 4th District

Ed Soliday | Standing Strong for Hoosiers in the 4th District: "Serving Lake, Porter and Jasper Counties since 2006, Ed Soliday works on the Commerce, Energy, and Utilities Committee, the Roads and Transportation Committee, and the Technology, Research, and Development Committee. Ed and his wife Mary live in Valparaiso, where they raised their children, Jason and Lindsay. Jason graduated from Bradley University and Lindsay from Valparaiso University."

New Campaign Website - with blog rolling out Monday

Monday, August 2, 2010

Successful promotions - Anatomy of Collaboration

Cool title, and really was just going to spotlight two interesting stories we've been following and the highlights and lessons at first glance:
  • Amy Stark and the mini-social campaign. Here's her mini-social media campaign update. Many of you will remember Amy, she produced the Indiana Social Media Summit last December where some of our own influentia were recognized. She is the original idea behind using the #indiana tag on twitter, and wrote a book about her adventures and collaborative ventures on twitter. (I have a signed copy!) Recently we all worked together to help Amy get hired by @safesitter for a project. The long and the short was, she didn't! What?
  • I say Safesitter made a mistake, one they'll want to rectify soon. But most interestingly is the amount of interest in helping, in collaborating, in pushing her campaign. No one was paid, no one asked for anything in return. We all worked because we knew she would do the same for us.
  • Today Chris Hedges sends out a link on the #nwindiana stream that showcased a promotion by Fast Company magazine. Basically you promote the promotion, and you get credit for how many times people click your link, making you potentially the most influential! Sounds easy enough, and it's been going for a month already and from what I understand the big-wigs of social media thought it was stupid. Hmmm ... oh by the way here's Chris' link so you can help him out: Chris Hedges on Fast Company List
  • Here's my Fast Company List too, go ahead click it for fun.
  • So it's pretty easy to game, and with 5-6 clicks you jump in the rankings pretty fast. Sounds perfect for some promotional online activity and a whole bunch of complaining from the people who didn't think of it right?
  • Enter the pirates! Guy who controls a group called It Starts Here, is going to attempt to hijack the whole promotion, under the guise that it's time to do something good. Whatever that means, I love the idea that one promotion deserves a hijacking! There's something to be learned here folks. Ooops I guess it's called It Starts with Us, Ha funny. Hijacking the Fast Company Influence Project.

So what? So ... the promotion itself is now fading, but the hijacking is gaining steam in the last couple hours. It will get coverage and activity and links. Anyone think it's possible that Fast Company planned it that way? I do.