Friday, July 16, 2010

Mortgage Blogs abound

Have you noticed that there are a lot of blogs by real estate pros and mortgage lenders? Why is that, and why are they so gosh darn boring?

First, it's an easy way to try and game SEO and hope that customers who are using the internet will find you for some niche keyword. Although frankly far far too many realtors and mortgage lenders write a post about a listing or the market and then walk away for weeks or months.

Second, since those two professions are all about selling yourself and your abilities, they need ways to establish credibility, separate even from their companies.

The are so totally boring though. I read dozens a day, and far too many realtors write about a listing or two a week. That's it, virtually an MLS on wordpress. That's no fun to read. Mortgage lenders try to shoot out daily updates, even my own clients are doing this, and yet so seldom take the time to establish personality or let you into their real world outside of staring at the bond markets.

I want a mortgage lender who has a personality. I want a realtor who is involved in the community and giving back and cares about issues. I'm bored with listings and bond market updates. Anyone else?

I'm working with Rob Rud Mortgage Broker here in Northwest Indiana, and we fell right into that same trap. Posting boring and drab market information. What would make you say "I want to meet with that mortgage guy?" Seriously what would?