Thursday, July 8, 2010

Conversations that last

One really amazing thing about online communication is that the conversations can go on for days, weeks, even years. In the specific case I'm referring to, I wrote a post Who's Who in NW Indiana Blogging that was commented heavily here but the convo also went out to twitter's #nwindiana stream.

Eventually the initial comments died down, but there was a lasting impression left that a few of the bloggers didn't like my summaries of their sites.

Today I run into this post: When your 3rd grade YMCA coach thinks he’s Phil Jackson

Which although very funny, is also equally brutal toward one of those bloggers. How to bring about collaboration then? That's really the goal right? Help everyone see ways to work together towards greater economic activity and innovation. Anyone have any ideas, do we need a beer summit between Coach Lee and The Synergizer? (yeah the energizer bunny was the only photo idea I could come up with)