Thursday, December 31, 2009

Northwest Indiana Professionals - Worth Meeting

Our team of professionals spotlighting one another in a New Years Week Series:

Dave Woodson writes about Northwest Indiana Insurance Quotes
Aaron Simac writes about Kathy Sipple - Northwest Indiana Social Media Coach
Kathy Sipple writes about Nate Findling - Inbound marketing consultant
Nate Findling writes about Evelyn Johnston - Elkhart Indiana Real Estate
Evelyn Johnston writes about Steve Dalton - Northwest Indiana Mortgage Banker
Steve Dalton writes about Jeff Eriks - Northwest Indiana Commercial Contractor
Jeff Eriks writes about Scott Swinford - Credit Repair Specialist in NW Indiana
Scott Swinford writes about Richard Orelup - Web and Applications Development
Richard Orelup writes about Josh Walker - audio engineer in NW Indiana
Josh Walker writes about Chris Buckley - Northwest Indiana attorney
Chris Buckley writes about Dave Woodson - LaPorte and Michigan City Mortgages in Indiana

Happy New Year Northwest Indiana professionals. 2010 looks like a dynamite year!