Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finding bloggers in NW Indiana in 2010

2010 People worth meeting in Northwest Indiana I

I'll be doing a series of posts early this year on a bunch of great professionals, not all in real estate, whom I have enjoyed getting to know. Many are from right here in Northwest Indiana and I think can be valuable to you the reader of this blog.

Northwest Indiana Insurance Quotes

A site created for consumers in the Region who want to obtain better quotes for auto, health, home, life, and Northwests Indiana Insurancebusiness insurances. Is this the only online source for this type of information? Of course not. There are hundreds of sites like this one, but NW Indiana Quotes is right here in Northwest Indiana. That's reason enough for me.

Some Highlights:

There's an online form for authomatic insurance quoting at: FREE ONLINE INSURANCE QUOTE - FAST

For additional information and regular updates see Northwest Indiana Insurance Quotes on Twitter.

And NW Indiana Quotes (Insurance and Mortgages) on Facebook

Steve Dalton

Senior Mortgage Banker - Northwest Indiana

Sierra Pacific Mortgage - Residential Mortgage Group