Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas a time for joy - and politics?

Christmas isn't all that political ... right? (originally on Northwest Indiana Politics)

I couldn't resist, even though I know you will all be spending time with family and unwrapping presents ... so no one will have time to read this political site ... right!

Christmas is a bit political isn't it? (See Christmas Story on Blueletter) If you believe, as I do, that Jesus is actually God incarnate, born of the virgin Mary, in a stable in Bethlehem roughly 2,000 years ago. If you believe that this birth and his eventual crucifixion and resurrection make up the perfect trifecta of prophetic implication, such that humans can have contact with the only Holy deity. Then Christmas is a lot political, and makes people around you cringe. Words we don't use much in post modern society aren't they? Words that can make a conversation go mighty quiet, and people walk away uncomfortable that anyone would be so rude to talk about religion or faith. It's so much easier to pretend about Santa Claus or gaze at a lit tree, but to push faith in Jesus that's going too far.

It's not that faith is uncomfortable, it's that a faith of specifics and a faith in a specific truth like Christ is uncomfortable. In this culture we celebrate the fact that everyone has their own beliefs ... yet the downside is that we've lost the ability to truly debate which of those beliefs are right and which are just plain hogwash. It's even become rude to suggest that one has a belief that is true, since this assigns "false" to another belief. Let's be frank, truth exists and all other beliefs are false, even if that hurts someone feelings.

Please enjoy your families, pray for peace in Jerusalem, remember Jesus' birth in the lowly manger, give gifts of joy, worship with hearts of grace and mercy ... Merry Christmas Northwest Indiana.