Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today in the Region

I really have been bad about posting here so seldom, I have a google reader account and I share lots of #nwindiana posts there ... so frankly I haven't been doing my own posting. Back to the grind for our readers and some comments.

The Times online has been revamping their blog/news page to make it more social friendly. Times blog media news page. The only problem I can see is that no one can find it from the regular Times home page. It should be front and center.

I posted on political news in NW Indiana on our own Northwest Indiana Politics site this morning, so if that appeals to you, head over there. We're running a sidebar advertisement there for Northwest Indiana Quotes, a new service letting you get insurance and mortgage quotes online in real time.

Some sites I just found recently: The NWI Chronicle ... Scott Swinford's Mortgage site talking about Valparaiso being named Indiana Community of the Year ... This #nwindiana twitter post asking NICTD (South Shore) to have a mobile or Iphone app for schedules (sorry this won't happen until the South Shore is privatized and raises fares) ... Another NW Indiana site called Northwest Indiana Consumer seems to be grabbing great posts from around the area to make it easier for consumers to find good local professionals.

Buzz over at Blue County Red State is trying to keep track of the games downstate, looks like the Democrats are going to pitch a property value assessment cap, is this a way to break the tax rate caps? Is this a way to step away from market valuation, since many properties will go down in value in 2009 assessments and thus local governments will be starved for cash if they don't cut employees?

Jerry Davich continues to be our only bright light at the struggling and wobbling Post Tribune, he engages, he comments, he tweets ... I only hope the Post can either get its act together or Jerry can sell enough books to go independant.

That's it for today, did you find a great post or tweet or facebook group in Northwest Indiana today? leave in the comments so we can all continue to connect and engage.