Sunday, November 22, 2009

U.S. Senate confirms Hamilton for 7th Circuit

U.S. Senate confirms Hamilton for 7th Circuit: "Indiana Lawyer Article

U.S. District Judge David F. Hamilton is the newest jurist on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

After a half hour of final debate starting at 2 p.m., the U.S. Senate voted within an hour to confirm Judge Hamilton, who was President Barack Obama's first judicial pick.

He has served the Southern District of Indiana bench for 15 years and currently serves as chief judge. He succeeds Circuit Judge Kenneth Ripple, who took senior status in September 2008.

'We're so very happy for our colleague that this long process has finally ended,' said Judge Sarah Evans Barker in Indianapolis, 'and of course, that it's culminated in his appointment. We have always had complete confidence in his abilities, and that's never waived. We'll miss his collegiality on our court here, but we'll look forward to working with him at the Court of Appeals level.'

Today's final vote of 59-39 capped an eight-month nomination process that had been prevented from reaching the floor for debate since June when Judge Hamilton survived the Senate Judiciary Committee by a partisan vote. On Tuesday, 70 percent of the Senate crushed a judicial filibuster threat by some conservative senators, allowing the controversial nomination to finally proceed to an up-or-down vote.

Sen. Jeffrey Sessions, R-Ala., the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, opposed Judge Hamilton's nomination because of concerns about his record and work history, which they labeled as 'liberal' and evidence of a 'judicial activist.' Sessions pushed debate because the judge was the president's first pick and sets the stage for how both parties can proceed on future judicial nominations.

But several senators - including Indiana's senators, Republican Richard Lugar and Democrat Evan Bayh - defended Judge Hamilton and called those accusations unfounded, saying the judge is well qualified for the appellate bench.

Speaking on Judge Hamilton's behalf from the Senate floor earlier this week, Bayh called the nomination delays that had stopped the judge from getting a vote since summer a 'sad state of our judicial nominating process.'

'I know first hand (Judge Hamilton) is a highly capable lawyer who understands the limited role of the federal judiciary,' he said.

A formal swearing in will likely occur in early 2010, and the judge will be able to begin his appellate duties immediately after the president signs his commission document. But as has happened in the past with other judges, the chief Circuit judge will likely re-designate him to the District Court in a limited capacity in order to tie up his caseload and assist until a successor is nominated and confirmed. Bayh's office has not publicly released any candidates' names and the White House does not have a timeline for when any judicial nomination might be announced.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bo Jackson To Invest in Crown Point Indiana

Another post from Scott Swinford

Bo Jackson To Bring Sports Complex To Crown Point: "

Bo Jackson is bringing a $16 million youth sports center to Crown Point. At least that’s what his Lockport-based Jackson Elite Sports people told Crown Point officials yesterday. Bo Jackson himself was unable to attend.

To learn more about the city of Crown Point, look here.

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Today in the Region

I really have been bad about posting here so seldom, I have a google reader account and I share lots of #nwindiana posts there ... so frankly I haven't been doing my own posting. Back to the grind for our readers and some comments.

The Times online has been revamping their blog/news page to make it more social friendly. Times blog media news page. The only problem I can see is that no one can find it from the regular Times home page. It should be front and center.

I posted on political news in NW Indiana on our own Northwest Indiana Politics site this morning, so if that appeals to you, head over there. We're running a sidebar advertisement there for Northwest Indiana Quotes, a new service letting you get insurance and mortgage quotes online in real time.

Some sites I just found recently: The NWI Chronicle ... Scott Swinford's Mortgage site talking about Valparaiso being named Indiana Community of the Year ... This #nwindiana twitter post asking NICTD (South Shore) to have a mobile or Iphone app for schedules (sorry this won't happen until the South Shore is privatized and raises fares) ... Another NW Indiana site called Northwest Indiana Consumer seems to be grabbing great posts from around the area to make it easier for consumers to find good local professionals.

Buzz over at Blue County Red State is trying to keep track of the games downstate, looks like the Democrats are going to pitch a property value assessment cap, is this a way to break the tax rate caps? Is this a way to step away from market valuation, since many properties will go down in value in 2009 assessments and thus local governments will be starved for cash if they don't cut employees?

Jerry Davich continues to be our only bright light at the struggling and wobbling Post Tribune, he engages, he comments, he tweets ... I only hope the Post can either get its act together or Jerry can sell enough books to go independant.

That's it for today, did you find a great post or tweet or facebook group in Northwest Indiana today? leave in the comments so we can all continue to connect and engage.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension

Lots of breaking news in mortgage business this last week, including the signing of an extension to the home buyer tax credit program. Since there are a few other worthy bloggers in the mortgage world in our region, I thought I'd include one of their worthy posts this morning:

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension: "

President Obama signed into bill an extension of the Home Buyer Tax Credit. It now includes provisions for current home owners who would like to purchase a new home, but were excluded in the past.

To find out more, visit our website at

From Scott Swinford

Glad to give Scott props for a great job of blogging and keeping up to date on the issues surrounding home buying in NW Indiana. But of course as always I'd prefer you give me a shout for your loan. Sorry Scott.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Conversation Agent: PR and Media, from Begging for to Earning Attention

First, this was really not the right blog for this post, it was an accident. This site is mainly a site for blogger to feature their work right here in NW Indiana through carnivals or collaborative lists. But since I accidentally published, and the author respectfully slapped my hands for allowing too lengthy a quote, I'll modify a bit and leave in place, since I do like the premise.
Conversation Agent: PR and Media, from Begging for to Earning Attention: "One of the reason why public relations firms are ill equipped to deal with bloggers and new media is that they were built to deal with traditional or mainstream media. Many agencies are still stuck in pushy mode. .. Success with a story means that the outlet will try to exploit it as much as possible in its form - going deeper is expensive and many news organizations are backed into the commodity corner.

And no, I have not been able to auto-post into waves yet, still working on that.

The Dish Restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana

Great work alerting locals and visitors to our many great restaurants and events Irene
The Dish Restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana: "

Four years ago we moved to Valparaiso, Indiana and had to wait 3 days for the truck with our furniture and all our belongings to arrive. Since we lived in a hotel during that period, that meant going out to eat for meals. One of the places we tried was The Dish Restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana and it's been one of our favorites ever since.

The entrees at The Dish Restaurantare excellent. Among the choices are: Smoked Chili-Citrus Marinated Duck Breast, Grilled Lamb Loin Chops, Grilled Kobe Flat Iron Steaak, and so much more. There are also a variety of salads and desserts. Everything I have tried there has been mouth-watering good!

One of the best deals offered at The Dish is their box lunches which are available either to go or to eat in. The box lunches include an entree, soup, salad, and dessert! A complete meal for only $8.50.

The Dish Restaurant is located at 3907 Calumet Ave in Valparaiso, Indiana. They are closed on Sundays but that leaves you 6 days out of the week to give them a try. For a better look at the amazing menu, just go to their website at

Dish Restaurant

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spam attack

Anyone notice anything about this site that would all of a sudden attract hundreds of spammer commenters?

It all started perhaps two weeks ago, and they are coming in waves. This site was originally created to find NW Indiana bloggers, and I really need to update that list.