Thursday, January 22, 2009

Conservative Cafe in Crown Point

Perhaps you've visited this restaurant in historic Crown Point, Indiana ... but they are looking to raise funding to go national with franchises
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Elevator Pitch: Conservative Café Wants to Take Coffee Back from Liberals

LOCATION: Crown Point, Indiana

The Pitch: "Coffeehouses have always leaned to the left. We give conservatives a place to feel comfortable and rally around their values. We have got TVs tuned to Fox News. Our four blends are Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, and Radical Right. Conservative is our top seller, but Liberal, a decaf blend, is popular, too. We serve food and sell T-shirts with slogans like 'Peace Through Superior Firepower.' We are looking to raise capital to begin franchising and bring on an experienced partner. We have received more than 50 requests from prospective franchisees. We would like to start with four stores in 2009, then open 10 more in 2010."

FUNDING SOUGHT: $1 million

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