Thursday, January 22, 2009

Conservative Cafe in Crown Point

Perhaps you've visited this restaurant in historic Crown Point, Indiana ... but they are looking to raise funding to go national with franchises
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Elevator Pitch: Conservative Café Wants to Take Coffee Back from Liberals

LOCATION: Crown Point, Indiana

The Pitch: "Coffeehouses have always leaned to the left. We give conservatives a place to feel comfortable and rally around their values. We have got TVs tuned to Fox News. Our four blends are Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, and Radical Right. Conservative is our top seller, but Liberal, a decaf blend, is popular, too. We serve food and sell T-shirts with slogans like 'Peace Through Superior Firepower.' We are looking to raise capital to begin franchising and bring on an experienced partner. We have received more than 50 requests from prospective franchisees. We would like to start with four stores in 2009, then open 10 more in 2010."

FUNDING SOUGHT: $1 million

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

US Airways Hudson River Plane Crash Video

I posted earlier this week, There's a plane in the Hudson

Here's the video found showing the plane landing in the water and then the passengers getting out on the wings, plane comes in at 2 mins

Friday, January 16, 2009

Northwest Indiana news and views 1-16

Cross Posted from Porter County Politics today

Worth reading - NW Indiana Today

Like many of our readers, I try to skim through the Times and the Post each morning online, and then my google reader feeds for NW Indiana ... recently I've added a few more bloggers and the #NWIndiana twitter stream just to keep my eyes open for interesting news.

Here's what I found today, I'll keep comments to a minimum so you can read quickly:

School Closings due to extreme cold weather - one editorial suggesting the schools are waiting too long to let people know, we all knew it would be 2 below this morning and Valpo Schools waited till 5 a.m. to decide. Kudos to Portage and Chesterton for calling it early.

Rep. Soliday says McDermott plan won't fly, Little Cal River Commission needs total overhaul
National Geographic BioBlitz in National Lakeshore Dunes this spring
Portage extracts $60,000 in fines from company for soapy discharges
I-49 and Vale Park interchange to get assisted living facility in Valpo
Valparaiso Redevelopment has less money to improve pathways
Where are regional joint purchasing programs? Evansville leads the way, not NW Indiana

WOW ... Porter County Auditor pounds John Scott and Lefever for poor work environment and lack of full disclosure on software

Hammond Soldier's body arrives in Gary
Jerry Davich recounts story that reminds us to check on our neighbors
Homes of snowbirds burgalized

Local Blogger Kevin Tracy says scientists think there may be life on Mars
Jerry Davich waiting for enviro-wackos to complain that birds were mistreated in airplane crash yesterday
Local socialist and apparently racist CJ happy about new grocery
Christopher Hedges warns of possible problems ahead for Mexican government
Dave Woodson reprints popular email from boss
How much does the Westchester Library cost taxpayers?
Brad from NW Indiana Pundit takes a contrarian position on county government reform, asking why give so much power to so few?
Mad Mortgage Machine predicts 4.5% rates soon, time to buy and refi NOW
Buzz takes a hard shot at Roosevelt Allen Jr, Lake County Commissioner
Do we really need to tax mobile homes every year?
Obama isn't looking like CHANGE so far
Mark Keisling sees a trick afoot in Lake County with new tax proposal

Sorry if the whole list is too busy to read, leave links to great news and posts related to NW Indiana in the comments section too. We welcome the extra input.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Recap First NW Indiana Blogger Meetup

First let me say thanks to those that attended, I think we had 15 total and next time we'll easily see 20 plus if the weather if a bit better. To those that attended, please feel free to comment liberally on ideas and thoughts on where we can collaborate.

Our evening's hosts Golden Technologies - terrific team of IT and software consultants from Valparaiso were magnanimous in extending hospitality ... thanks again!

In attendance:
A great time to fellowship and get to know each other, if you missed this one, please try to make the next one, which we'll probably try to get set in March. Some things we decided to work on in the future in no particular order:
  • For those that use google reader, it's awful fun to connect using the gmail chat feature and then whenever we "share" a post all our chat friends can see those shares. My gmail is stevesynergy (at) gmail (dot) com ... feel free to request chatting so we can all get connected inside of reader. Obviously if you use a reader, subscribe to all the other NW Indiana blogs
  • Many of us have attempted to compile lists of Northwest Indiana bloggers, I'll update my list here and we all agreed to attempt to stay updated and add new bloggers to our lists for blogrolls links. More important though than blog rolls, which don't score super high with google ... is actual text links in blog posts. When possible link to fellow region bloggers.
  • I have the list of email addresses and am pondering a google group, I know it's old school bulletin board, but would allow us to communicate ideas for collaboration. Let me know if you like this idea.
  • There was a lot of talk about twitter and other social media platforms. If you decide to use twitter and are posting about NW Indiana, highly recommend using the #nwindiana hashtag and then Twitter Search ... a good place to check daily for region posts and conversations.
If I've missed stuff, leave in comments and I'll raise up as updates to this post.

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If you've posted a recap and links back to Golden, let me know and I'll add to the related posts list here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

NWI Indiana Blogger Meetup

This Thursday at 6 pm. at Golden Technologies 2402 Beech St. Valpo
No sales pitches, just a chance to meet everyone

Please come ... and also help us promote it. (use #nwindiana hashtag if using twitter)