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Northwest Indiana Professionals - Worth Meeting

Our team of professionals spotlighting one another in a New Years Week Series:

Dave Woodson writes about Northwest Indiana Insurance Quotes
Aaron Simac writes about Kathy Sipple - Northwest Indiana Social Media Coach
Kathy Sipple writes about Nate Findling - Inbound marketing consultant
Nate Findling writes about Evelyn Johnston - Elkhart Indiana Real Estate
Evelyn Johnston writes about Steve Dalton - Northwest Indiana Mortgage Banker
Steve Dalton writes about Jeff Eriks - Northwest Indiana Commercial Contractor
Jeff Eriks writes about Scott Swinford - Credit Repair Specialist in NW Indiana
Scott Swinford writes about Richard Orelup - Web and Applications Development
Richard Orelup writes about Josh Walker - audio engineer in NW Indiana
Josh Walker writes about Chris Buckley - Northwest Indiana attorney
Chris Buckley writes about Dave Woodson - LaPorte and Michigan City Mortgages in Indiana

Happy New Year Northwest Indiana professionals. 2010 looks like a dynamite year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New series for 2010 - Great bloggers in NWI

We're kicking off a new series, where we'll be spotlighting 10-12 great bloggers each week right here on Northwest Indiana Bloggers. None of the posts will be original, or shown in full format, since they are good enough we want you to go and read and enjoy.

Call it the Carnival of Northwest Indiana blogs if you want - stop back in tomorrow, or subscribe to our RSS today so you don't miss them. You can also watch #nwiseo on twitter for the links and conversations surrounding those chosen each week.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Made in Northwest Indiana—Local brewery taps further into region

Made in Northwest Indiana—Local brewery taps further into region:

Those favorite pints patrons down at Crown Brewing will soon be on tap at select establishments in the region.

Opened in 2008, Crown Point’s first brewery and brew pub since 1914 has partnered with Calumet Breweries Inc., which will be the company’s Indiana wholesale distributor.

“We think it’s a good fit,” said Crown Brewing co-owner Dave Bryan. “The partnership with Calumet has opened us up to some pretty good markets and they’ve done a lot of good work with other small breweries.”

Seasonal beers and Crown Brewing signatures like Special Force Ale will now be available on draught at restaurants and bars such as The Lighthouse in Cedar Lake, White Rhino Bar & Grill in Dyer and Gino’s East Pizza in Highland.


Opened: 2008

Location: 211 S. East St., Crown Point

Phone: 219.663.2545


Calumet Breweries President John Kiernan said the company is excited about Crown’s future and proud to represent and include them in a portfolio already comprising of brews from Anheuser-BuschInBev, Heineken, Pabst and Munster’s own Three Floyds Brewing.

“Crown is local, and we support the growth of local brewers,” he said.

Crown Brewing also is about to begin selling is Special Force Ale in 22-ounce bottles in select liquor stores such as Pete’s Liquor Bucket in Merrillville, Holiday Liquors in Cedar Lake and Ribordy Liquors in Valparaiso.

“It’s nice to see the business growing the way it is,” Bryan said.

Crown Brewing Brewmaster Steve Mazylewski said the company been taking small steps and doesn’t want to “go overboard” and accept everybody who wants the beer.

“We want to maintain our quality control and freshness, and make sure we’re not too big before we know it,” he said. “We want to concentrate local and slowly add more accounts.”

Mazylewski said he enjoys the pub environment and the creative freedom it brings.

“I really like the hands-on creation,” he said.

Assistant Brewmaster Sean Kasparian said distributing Crown brews will help the business grow substantially.

“The more we send out there, the more me and Steve can make,” he said.

Crown Brews

The Christmas Beer

Crown describes its Winter Warlock as a slightly spiced English Strong Brown Ale, brewed with 100 percent imported English malted barley and hops. Exotic ingredients including pure maple syrup, locally produced Dancing Queen Indiana honey and a blend of spices were used in the brewing process.

The description lists a warning: too much of this special brew (7.1 percent alcohol) will impair your ability to drive your snowmobile or guide your sleigh.

The Growler

Patrons can purchase the half-gallon “Growler” jar at Crown Brewing and have it filled and bottled with their favorite Crown brew. Not only does it make a good gift but it’s eco-friendly – it can be brought back for refills.

“It goes back to the old breweries,” Bryan said. “In the old days if you wanted to get beer from a brewery you had to take a bucket. It kind of evolved into a half-gallon.”

The Brewmaster

Steve Mazylewski discovered his calling at the age of 7.

“My father was a beer can collector and we toured breweries in the Great Lakes region,” Mazylewski said. “It was one of those things that left a big impression on me as a little boy.”

Finding bloggers in NW Indiana in 2010

2010 People worth meeting in Northwest Indiana I

I'll be doing a series of posts early this year on a bunch of great professionals, not all in real estate, whom I have enjoyed getting to know. Many are from right here in Northwest Indiana and I think can be valuable to you the reader of this blog.

Northwest Indiana Insurance Quotes

A site created for consumers in the Region who want to obtain better quotes for auto, health, home, life, and Northwests Indiana Insurancebusiness insurances. Is this the only online source for this type of information? Of course not. There are hundreds of sites like this one, but NW Indiana Quotes is right here in Northwest Indiana. That's reason enough for me.

Some Highlights:

There's an online form for authomatic insurance quoting at: FREE ONLINE INSURANCE QUOTE - FAST

For additional information and regular updates see Northwest Indiana Insurance Quotes on Twitter.

And NW Indiana Quotes (Insurance and Mortgages) on Facebook

Steve Dalton

Senior Mortgage Banker - Northwest Indiana

Sierra Pacific Mortgage - Residential Mortgage Group





Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas a time for joy - and politics?

Christmas isn't all that political ... right? (originally on Northwest Indiana Politics)

I couldn't resist, even though I know you will all be spending time with family and unwrapping presents ... so no one will have time to read this political site ... right!

Christmas is a bit political isn't it? (See Christmas Story on Blueletter) If you believe, as I do, that Jesus is actually God incarnate, born of the virgin Mary, in a stable in Bethlehem roughly 2,000 years ago. If you believe that this birth and his eventual crucifixion and resurrection make up the perfect trifecta of prophetic implication, such that humans can have contact with the only Holy deity. Then Christmas is a lot political, and makes people around you cringe. Words we don't use much in post modern society aren't they? Words that can make a conversation go mighty quiet, and people walk away uncomfortable that anyone would be so rude to talk about religion or faith. It's so much easier to pretend about Santa Claus or gaze at a lit tree, but to push faith in Jesus that's going too far.

It's not that faith is uncomfortable, it's that a faith of specifics and a faith in a specific truth like Christ is uncomfortable. In this culture we celebrate the fact that everyone has their own beliefs ... yet the downside is that we've lost the ability to truly debate which of those beliefs are right and which are just plain hogwash. It's even become rude to suggest that one has a belief that is true, since this assigns "false" to another belief. Let's be frank, truth exists and all other beliefs are false, even if that hurts someone feelings.

Please enjoy your families, pray for peace in Jerusalem, remember Jesus' birth in the lowly manger, give gifts of joy, worship with hearts of grace and mercy ... Merry Christmas Northwest Indiana.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chicago hockey legend to operate restaurant in Munster

Chicago hockey legend to operate restaurant in Munster: From IN Business

Chicago hockey legend to operate restaurant in Munster

Charlie’s Ale House in Munster is expected to close later this month while it goes through a change in ownership.

A spokesman for the new owners says the new restaurant at the site will attract families and hockey enthusiasts around the Chicago area. Former Chicago Blackhawks player and coach Denis Savard and Nicholas Sord, the son of Chicago-area restaurant owner Bryan Sord, are planning to co-own Savard’s Hall of Fame. Bryan Sord said Charlie’s will close Dec. 23 and the venue will reopen in late January as a sports-themed family restaurant and sports bar. The owners’ goal is to officially take over site ownership Jan. 1, he said.“There’s so many hockey fans on the south side of Chicago,” Sord said. “Instead of going into Chicago, we want to attract everybody from Indiana to the southern suburbs of Illinois who enjoy hockey who live here. That’s our main objective.”

Mark Corey, Munster’s chief building inspector, said in the next few weeks the building department will look over the plans for the establishment and figure out what permits and licenses the new ownership needs. Corey said the group plans to change signage and remodel the building’s interior. Sord said the Munster site purchase doesn’t include Charlie’s Chicago locations at Navy Pier and in the Andersonville neighborhood. Tim Rasmussen of Chicago Restaurant Corp. opened the Charlie’s in Munster in spring 2004. Rasmussen couldn’t be reached at his Chicago office Monday afternoon The menu at Savard’s will include fare from Sord’s Charley Horse restaurants and steaks from 94 West in Orland Park. Sord owns Charley Horse restaurants in New Lenox and Tinley Park and 94 West. Sandwiches will be priced from about $7 to $10 with half-priced hamburgers on Mondays.

Similar to Charlie’s, the establishment will continue to host banquets and parties and have a Sunday brunch, Sord said. He also said Savard’s plans to employ about 125 people, which is more than the establishment’s current staff. The restaurant will feature an ice bar and hockey memorabilia such as Savard’s jersey from when the Montreal Canadiens team won the Stanley Cup in 1993. Savard played nearly 1,200 games for the Chicago Blackhawks, Canadiens and Tampa Bay Lightning in 18 seasons. Savard was the Blackhawks head coach for parts of three seasons from 2006 to 2008. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2000.

Sord said Savard is excited to open an establishment in the region and that he would welcome the opportunity to meet players from the Munster Hockey Club, who were state Class 1A high school champions earlier this year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

‘Creating Regional Unity’

‘Creating Regional Unity’: "

Quality of Life Council explores “One Region: One Vision”

Jim Flannery talks about the “Soul of the Community” at the Quality of Life Council's quarterly meeting Friday at the Lost Marsh Golf Clubhouse in Hammond. The program centered on “Creating Regional Unity.” (Photograph by Natalie Battaglia/The Times.)

Jim Flannery talks about the “Soul of the Community” at the Quality of Life Council's quarterly meeting Friday at the Lost Marsh Golf Clubhouse in Hammond. The program centered on “Creating Regional Unity.” (Photograph by Natalie Battaglia/The Times.)

In 1989, a plan was designed to turn the slag heap called Barstow Mountain at the corner of Calumet Avenue and 129th Street into a golf course complete with clubhouse.

On Friday, that Frank Lloyd Wright-style clubhouse at Lost Marsh Golf Course became a metaphor for the renaissance possible in the Calumet Region during the Northwest Indiana Quality of Life Council quarterly meeting there. The event, “Creating Regional Unity,” drew 120 people whom council executive director Jim Flannery called “120 ambassadors for Northwest Indiana.”

“This clubhouse is an acknowledgment of the creativity and vision of the people whose vision this was, and to their efforts to sustain sustainability, to improve the quality of life and to develop leadership,” said Dennis Rittenmeyer, president of Calumet College of St. Joseph and chairman of the council’s board of directors.

During a keynote speech, Times Publisher Bill Masterson Jr. said “One Region-One Vision,” is an effort he started more than two years ago “to unite Northwest Indiana in ways that will lead to mutually beneficial and sustainable economic, human and community development for the common good of all.”

A native of South Dakota, Masterson said when he moved to the area in 2006 to become publisher of The Times, he could see Northwest Indiana as “a wonderful area,” but became frustrated with the lack of unity.


“Soul of the Community,” a new Gallup study funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, explores the link between economic growth and residents’ loyalty to and passion towards where they live. The qualities that make people love where they live include social offerings (such as entertainment venues and places to meet), openness (how welcoming a place is) and community aesthetics (such as physical beauty and green spaces).

Results of the second year of the three-year study in Indiana’s seven northwest counties were revealed at Friday’s quarterly NWI Quality of Life Council meeting.

Among those results were:

66 percent of area residents are not “attached” to their communities, which is higher than the national average

Social offerings and openness were seen as areas needing improvement. There was a significant drop in ratings of nightlife and perceptions of the area as a good place to make friends in 2009, as well as the community’s perceived openness for families with young children.

The worst economic crisis in decades is not a key factor in attracting and retaining residents

One in four of those surveyed mentioned crime, violence and gangs as problems in their communities

38 percent of college students in the area want to leave the area when they get their degrees, and

66 percent of those surveyed said they are treated with some respect in their communities.

What he saw was the impact “balkanization has on life in the region,” he said.

The Times‘ effort began with a meeting of 170 leaders from education, banking, government and business leaders where he, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky and Bishop Dale Melczek of the Gary Diocese made their case for “bringing us together,” Masterson said. From that gathering came a steering committee and the establishment of the “One Region: One Vision” organization.

This organization works with other regional groups such as the Quality of Life Council and the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission. Six issues have been identified as having prime importance.

These include education from pre-school through 12th grade; renewal/revitalization of the urban corridor; regional transportation service; quality health care throughout the area; less, but more efficient government and jobs created through diversification of the region’s economy to embrace new technologies, to join the global economy and to protect existing business and industry.

Another speech by O’Merrial Butchee, director of Ivy Tech’s Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center in Gary, outlined the “Dare to Dream” project funded through a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The seven-county initiative by Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Northwest and its partners seeks “to cultivate, enhance and inspire leadership to become aware of the regional challenges and opportunities under the ‘One Region/One Vision’ project,” Butchee said.

The counties represented in the project include Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Starke, Jasper, Pulaski and Newton.

“The focus of ‘Dare to Dream’ is that we can collaborate for the betterment of the area,” Butchee said. In addition to process, attitude is important in collaboration to better the area, she said. “Egos must stay home. We all work better together.”

Teamwork is the third essential ingredient.

“We all made the cake,” she said.


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Get #Indiana to Trend Details - - Start Something!

Get #Indiana to Trend Details - - Start Something!: "Get #Indiana to Trend - December 3, 2009 (12:30pm EST / 11:30am CST) tweeters from the banks of the Ohio River to the shores of Lake Michigan will donate one minute to the future of our state by sending a tweet containing “#Indiana” The goal is to get #Indiana to trend among the top ten words on twitter, exposing our state to this global audience. - Twibbon is the best way to view what causes are hot on Twitter. Get your's today!"

If you are reading this, please feel free to copy and repost on your site today, this morning!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

U.S. Senate confirms Hamilton for 7th Circuit

U.S. Senate confirms Hamilton for 7th Circuit: "Indiana Lawyer Article

U.S. District Judge David F. Hamilton is the newest jurist on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

After a half hour of final debate starting at 2 p.m., the U.S. Senate voted within an hour to confirm Judge Hamilton, who was President Barack Obama's first judicial pick.

He has served the Southern District of Indiana bench for 15 years and currently serves as chief judge. He succeeds Circuit Judge Kenneth Ripple, who took senior status in September 2008.

'We're so very happy for our colleague that this long process has finally ended,' said Judge Sarah Evans Barker in Indianapolis, 'and of course, that it's culminated in his appointment. We have always had complete confidence in his abilities, and that's never waived. We'll miss his collegiality on our court here, but we'll look forward to working with him at the Court of Appeals level.'

Today's final vote of 59-39 capped an eight-month nomination process that had been prevented from reaching the floor for debate since June when Judge Hamilton survived the Senate Judiciary Committee by a partisan vote. On Tuesday, 70 percent of the Senate crushed a judicial filibuster threat by some conservative senators, allowing the controversial nomination to finally proceed to an up-or-down vote.

Sen. Jeffrey Sessions, R-Ala., the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, opposed Judge Hamilton's nomination because of concerns about his record and work history, which they labeled as 'liberal' and evidence of a 'judicial activist.' Sessions pushed debate because the judge was the president's first pick and sets the stage for how both parties can proceed on future judicial nominations.

But several senators - including Indiana's senators, Republican Richard Lugar and Democrat Evan Bayh - defended Judge Hamilton and called those accusations unfounded, saying the judge is well qualified for the appellate bench.

Speaking on Judge Hamilton's behalf from the Senate floor earlier this week, Bayh called the nomination delays that had stopped the judge from getting a vote since summer a 'sad state of our judicial nominating process.'

'I know first hand (Judge Hamilton) is a highly capable lawyer who understands the limited role of the federal judiciary,' he said.

A formal swearing in will likely occur in early 2010, and the judge will be able to begin his appellate duties immediately after the president signs his commission document. But as has happened in the past with other judges, the chief Circuit judge will likely re-designate him to the District Court in a limited capacity in order to tie up his caseload and assist until a successor is nominated and confirmed. Bayh's office has not publicly released any candidates' names and the White House does not have a timeline for when any judicial nomination might be announced.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bo Jackson To Invest in Crown Point Indiana

Another post from Scott Swinford

Bo Jackson To Bring Sports Complex To Crown Point: "

Bo Jackson is bringing a $16 million youth sports center to Crown Point. At least that’s what his Lockport-based Jackson Elite Sports people told Crown Point officials yesterday. Bo Jackson himself was unable to attend.

To learn more about the city of Crown Point, look here.

Scott Swinford, your Northwest Indiana Loan Guy specializing in real estate loans in Crown Point and all of Indiana.

Today in the Region

I really have been bad about posting here so seldom, I have a google reader account and I share lots of #nwindiana posts there ... so frankly I haven't been doing my own posting. Back to the grind for our readers and some comments.

The Times online has been revamping their blog/news page to make it more social friendly. Times blog media news page. The only problem I can see is that no one can find it from the regular Times home page. It should be front and center.

I posted on political news in NW Indiana on our own Northwest Indiana Politics site this morning, so if that appeals to you, head over there. We're running a sidebar advertisement there for Northwest Indiana Quotes, a new service letting you get insurance and mortgage quotes online in real time.

Some sites I just found recently: The NWI Chronicle ... Scott Swinford's Mortgage site talking about Valparaiso being named Indiana Community of the Year ... This #nwindiana twitter post asking NICTD (South Shore) to have a mobile or Iphone app for schedules (sorry this won't happen until the South Shore is privatized and raises fares) ... Another NW Indiana site called Northwest Indiana Consumer seems to be grabbing great posts from around the area to make it easier for consumers to find good local professionals.

Buzz over at Blue County Red State is trying to keep track of the games downstate, looks like the Democrats are going to pitch a property value assessment cap, is this a way to break the tax rate caps? Is this a way to step away from market valuation, since many properties will go down in value in 2009 assessments and thus local governments will be starved for cash if they don't cut employees?

Jerry Davich continues to be our only bright light at the struggling and wobbling Post Tribune, he engages, he comments, he tweets ... I only hope the Post can either get its act together or Jerry can sell enough books to go independant.

That's it for today, did you find a great post or tweet or facebook group in Northwest Indiana today? leave in the comments so we can all continue to connect and engage.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension

Lots of breaking news in mortgage business this last week, including the signing of an extension to the home buyer tax credit program. Since there are a few other worthy bloggers in the mortgage world in our region, I thought I'd include one of their worthy posts this morning:

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension: "

President Obama signed into bill an extension of the Home Buyer Tax Credit. It now includes provisions for current home owners who would like to purchase a new home, but were excluded in the past.

To find out more, visit our website at

From Scott Swinford

Glad to give Scott props for a great job of blogging and keeping up to date on the issues surrounding home buying in NW Indiana. But of course as always I'd prefer you give me a shout for your loan. Sorry Scott.

Steve Dalton Northwest Indiana Mortgage Specialist

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Conversation Agent: PR and Media, from Begging for to Earning Attention

First, this was really not the right blog for this post, it was an accident. This site is mainly a site for blogger to feature their work right here in NW Indiana through carnivals or collaborative lists. But since I accidentally published, and the author respectfully slapped my hands for allowing too lengthy a quote, I'll modify a bit and leave in place, since I do like the premise.
Conversation Agent: PR and Media, from Begging for to Earning Attention: "One of the reason why public relations firms are ill equipped to deal with bloggers and new media is that they were built to deal with traditional or mainstream media. Many agencies are still stuck in pushy mode. .. Success with a story means that the outlet will try to exploit it as much as possible in its form - going deeper is expensive and many news organizations are backed into the commodity corner.

And no, I have not been able to auto-post into waves yet, still working on that.

The Dish Restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana

Great work alerting locals and visitors to our many great restaurants and events Irene
The Dish Restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana: "

Four years ago we moved to Valparaiso, Indiana and had to wait 3 days for the truck with our furniture and all our belongings to arrive. Since we lived in a hotel during that period, that meant going out to eat for meals. One of the places we tried was The Dish Restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana and it's been one of our favorites ever since.

The entrees at The Dish Restaurantare excellent. Among the choices are: Smoked Chili-Citrus Marinated Duck Breast, Grilled Lamb Loin Chops, Grilled Kobe Flat Iron Steaak, and so much more. There are also a variety of salads and desserts. Everything I have tried there has been mouth-watering good!

One of the best deals offered at The Dish is their box lunches which are available either to go or to eat in. The box lunches include an entree, soup, salad, and dessert! A complete meal for only $8.50.

The Dish Restaurant is located at 3907 Calumet Ave in Valparaiso, Indiana. They are closed on Sundays but that leaves you 6 days out of the week to give them a try. For a better look at the amazing menu, just go to their website at

Dish Restaurant

Irene Tron
Making Real Estate Enjoyable in Northwest Indiana
direct 219-476-5459


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Spam attack

Anyone notice anything about this site that would all of a sudden attract hundreds of spammer commenters?

It all started perhaps two weeks ago, and they are coming in waves. This site was originally created to find NW Indiana bloggers, and I really need to update that list.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Northwest Indiana Mortgage Blog

Northwest Indiana Mortgages - my blog on home mortgages in Indiana

For those looking for our website, please check it out First Financial Trust Mortgage. For home mortgage loans in Indiana we focus on FHA mortgages and first time buyers.

As always call me at 219-762-7200 or email me at Northwest Indiana Mortgage Steve

Thursday, May 28, 2009

NW Indiana blog find today

Green Isn't Easy

Written by twitter member Melissa Cowan right here in Valparaiso

Friday, April 17, 2009

Far too long between posts

... here on Northwest Indiana Blogs.

The region has erupted into the social media world in the last year, and I found myself spending a lot more time posting on my small business consulting site and Porter County Politics.

So a rundown of great things going on in Northwest Indiana right now is in order:
  • #nwindiana is the new hashtag being used especially by those familiar with twitter. We went from 15-20 twitter users in March 0f 08 to roughly 600 now!
  • Along those same lines #nwitweetup is being used by a couple groups to announce tweetups, with Evelyn Bay Coffee, Zao Island and now Passtimes in Valparaiso taking the first three stops. The next tweetup is April 23rd at 7 p.m. at Passtimes in Valparaiso.
  • There are so many new blogs, I'm having a hard time knowing how to start getting caught up. If you read this post and you're not listed on the sidebar, please enter your blog in the comments. One new site I noticed today was Cartronix
  • The Times and the Post-Tribune are both on twitter and putting more effort into engaging online. Times on twitter. Post on twitter.
  • So far still no great radio station working on social media, and television as we all know is miserably unavailable. Lakeshore TV doesn't even post clips of their own shows on their site. This is an area that someone ought to jump on and combine news and multi-media with social media.
Enough for now, I'll be back more often in the coming weeks with new finds.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday - Easter - from NW Indiana Politics

Happy Resurrection Sunday - Which we call Easter

Roughly 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ raised himself from the grave, he was all the way dead don't play games with the story in your head, and he overcame that death to show that he/God is dominant over even death.

"Where o death is thy sting ..."

Although we as Christ followers believe in our own mortality and depravity in sin, and our need for a redeemer to pay the penalty of our sins, and therefore the dominant role of the cross in helping us remember the horrible death and sacrifice of Christ

The Resurrection is in many ways more important. All other sacrifices died, the lamb the goat the bird, never to be seen again.

Jesus Christ rose again ... that's a really big deal. Quite possibly the most important event in human history, in 7,000 years, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A 100% man, who was 100% God (of course we can't understand that tension) died a horrible death and then three days later raised himself from that tomb, rolled away a multiple ton rock, and walked out still bearing the holes in his hands and feet ... the marks of the price he paid on our behalf.

Sorry for this pause in political debate, but it's well worth the pause. If you are offended at this blatant statement, or feel that no one has the right to state "truth" when there are so many different opinions in today's society ... welcome to post modern predictable thought ... you too have been duped by humanities 7,000 year desire to be "my own person" and "not need a god"

Take a deep breath and dare yourself to ask "where do I stand for eternity?"

Monday, April 6, 2009

NWI Blogger makes Visit Indiana



Jonathan Thomas is a blogger based in Northwest Indiana. He’s passionate about the Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan and wants to share all the fun possible in the area with the rest of the world. When not blogging for Travel Indiana, he hangs his hat at his Anglophile blog - Anglotopia and Niche Blogger Today. If you want to connect with him, you can contact him on Twitter @jonathanwthomas.

From Visit Indiana Blog

Monday, March 9, 2009

Porter Starke to discuss mental health

From The Times
Porter-Starke Services' Lunch & Learn series will feature the lecture "Indiana's Mental Health Transformation" from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 17 at the United Way of Porter County, 951 Eastport Centre Drive, Valparaiso. Carmen Arlt, Robert Franko and Todd Willis of Porter-Starke Services will be the speakers.

Arlt, recovery center director; Franko, vice president of marketing and development; and Willis, children's services director at Porter-Starke Services, will discuss how the transformation process is assessing the current community mental health delivery model and how improvements in practice can be implemented.

Lunch & Learn events are monthly educational seminars featuring informative and practical mental health and wellness topics. Seminar sites rotate between Valparaiso, Portage and Knox and are open to the general public as well as clinicians and educators. Mental Health America of Porter County offers 1.5 continuing education credits for $5.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NW Indiana Tweetup Feb 26th

kathy sipple from Valparaiso has announced all over the place that there will be a tweetup on Feb 26th at Evelyn Bay Coffee in Valparaiso.

From Chris Hedges:

Make history as Northwest Indiana’s Twitter users gather to network and plot to take over the world in 140 characters or less in Valparaiso later this month at Evelyn Bay Coffee on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 7 p.m.

Twitter user @kathysipple is the organizer of #nwitweetup, so make sure to follow her for updates

I know I'll be there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Conservative Cafe in Crown Point

Perhaps you've visited this restaurant in historic Crown Point, Indiana ... but they are looking to raise funding to go national with franchises
clipped from

Elevator Pitch: Conservative Café Wants to Take Coffee Back from Liberals

LOCATION: Crown Point, Indiana

The Pitch: "Coffeehouses have always leaned to the left. We give conservatives a place to feel comfortable and rally around their values. We have got TVs tuned to Fox News. Our four blends are Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, and Radical Right. Conservative is our top seller, but Liberal, a decaf blend, is popular, too. We serve food and sell T-shirts with slogans like 'Peace Through Superior Firepower.' We are looking to raise capital to begin franchising and bring on an experienced partner. We have received more than 50 requests from prospective franchisees. We would like to start with four stores in 2009, then open 10 more in 2010."

FUNDING SOUGHT: $1 million

 blog it

Saturday, January 17, 2009

US Airways Hudson River Plane Crash Video

I posted earlier this week, There's a plane in the Hudson

Here's the video found showing the plane landing in the water and then the passengers getting out on the wings, plane comes in at 2 mins

Friday, January 16, 2009

Northwest Indiana news and views 1-16

Cross Posted from Porter County Politics today

Worth reading - NW Indiana Today

Like many of our readers, I try to skim through the Times and the Post each morning online, and then my google reader feeds for NW Indiana ... recently I've added a few more bloggers and the #NWIndiana twitter stream just to keep my eyes open for interesting news.

Here's what I found today, I'll keep comments to a minimum so you can read quickly:

School Closings due to extreme cold weather - one editorial suggesting the schools are waiting too long to let people know, we all knew it would be 2 below this morning and Valpo Schools waited till 5 a.m. to decide. Kudos to Portage and Chesterton for calling it early.

Rep. Soliday says McDermott plan won't fly, Little Cal River Commission needs total overhaul
National Geographic BioBlitz in National Lakeshore Dunes this spring
Portage extracts $60,000 in fines from company for soapy discharges
I-49 and Vale Park interchange to get assisted living facility in Valpo
Valparaiso Redevelopment has less money to improve pathways
Where are regional joint purchasing programs? Evansville leads the way, not NW Indiana

WOW ... Porter County Auditor pounds John Scott and Lefever for poor work environment and lack of full disclosure on software

Hammond Soldier's body arrives in Gary
Jerry Davich recounts story that reminds us to check on our neighbors
Homes of snowbirds burgalized

Local Blogger Kevin Tracy says scientists think there may be life on Mars
Jerry Davich waiting for enviro-wackos to complain that birds were mistreated in airplane crash yesterday
Local socialist and apparently racist CJ happy about new grocery
Christopher Hedges warns of possible problems ahead for Mexican government
Dave Woodson reprints popular email from boss
How much does the Westchester Library cost taxpayers?
Brad from NW Indiana Pundit takes a contrarian position on county government reform, asking why give so much power to so few?
Mad Mortgage Machine predicts 4.5% rates soon, time to buy and refi NOW
Buzz takes a hard shot at Roosevelt Allen Jr, Lake County Commissioner
Do we really need to tax mobile homes every year?
Obama isn't looking like CHANGE so far
Mark Keisling sees a trick afoot in Lake County with new tax proposal

Sorry if the whole list is too busy to read, leave links to great news and posts related to NW Indiana in the comments section too. We welcome the extra input.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Recap First NW Indiana Blogger Meetup

First let me say thanks to those that attended, I think we had 15 total and next time we'll easily see 20 plus if the weather if a bit better. To those that attended, please feel free to comment liberally on ideas and thoughts on where we can collaborate.

Our evening's hosts Golden Technologies - terrific team of IT and software consultants from Valparaiso were magnanimous in extending hospitality ... thanks again!

In attendance:
A great time to fellowship and get to know each other, if you missed this one, please try to make the next one, which we'll probably try to get set in March. Some things we decided to work on in the future in no particular order:
  • For those that use google reader, it's awful fun to connect using the gmail chat feature and then whenever we "share" a post all our chat friends can see those shares. My gmail is stevesynergy (at) gmail (dot) com ... feel free to request chatting so we can all get connected inside of reader. Obviously if you use a reader, subscribe to all the other NW Indiana blogs
  • Many of us have attempted to compile lists of Northwest Indiana bloggers, I'll update my list here and we all agreed to attempt to stay updated and add new bloggers to our lists for blogrolls links. More important though than blog rolls, which don't score super high with google ... is actual text links in blog posts. When possible link to fellow region bloggers.
  • I have the list of email addresses and am pondering a google group, I know it's old school bulletin board, but would allow us to communicate ideas for collaboration. Let me know if you like this idea.
  • There was a lot of talk about twitter and other social media platforms. If you decide to use twitter and are posting about NW Indiana, highly recommend using the #nwindiana hashtag and then Twitter Search ... a good place to check daily for region posts and conversations.
If I've missed stuff, leave in comments and I'll raise up as updates to this post.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

NWI Indiana Blogger Meetup

This Thursday at 6 pm. at Golden Technologies 2402 Beech St. Valpo
No sales pitches, just a chance to meet everyone

Please come ... and also help us promote it. (use #nwindiana hashtag if using twitter)