Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Calling all RNC Members to Twitter

Only 7 so far, and a list of over 200 conservatives on twitter, well worth the read

Top Conservatives on Twitter

First SEVEN RNC Members are on Twitter. Only 161 more to go ! Our mission, is to get all 168 RNC members on Twitter by January 28, 2009, the day they will be voting for the new RNC Chair! (as of 7:15 pm CST Dec 2)
(1) @jamesdickey 4,438 Delegate to RNC from Dallas, Texas (Denton County)
(2) @johnculberson 4,016 Tech savvy Republican member of Congress. Definitely not a Brain Dead Luddite.
(3) @brooksbayne 3,159
(4) @lesliecarbone 2,858 Blogger and occasional Weekly Standard contributor
(5) @PatrickRuffini 2,053 The conservative tech geek behind Rebuild the Party.
(6) @daltonsbriefs 1,730 Local Indiana editor for Red County Blogs.
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