Saturday, November 1, 2008

Valparaiso Church - Apologizes

For letting church get in the way of Christ
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Valparaiso Nazarene Church

VNC Apologizes

Studies have shown that most "un-churched" people do not have a great problem with Jesus Christ. Their problem is with the church. They may want an opportunity to investigate the claims of Christ and consider if they are relevant for their own lives. They hesitate because they have little use for His church. The 21st century church has been perceived in a mostly negative manner. The church can cry out that it is not true, that our behavior has been misjudged, but in reality it is no longer important if this is true or not. If the perception exists, then the damage is done. Maybe the wisest thing the church of today can do is to look their communities in the eye and apologize.

Worship Center Topics

Nov. 1/2 - Sorry for Our Hypocrisies
Nov. 8/9 - Sorry for Our Mistreatment of Homosexuals
Nov. 15/16 - Sorry for Our Judgmental Spirit

The Venue Topics

Nov. 2 - Sorry for The Hidden Agendas
Nov. 9 - Sorry for How We have Engaged in Politics
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