Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rebuild the Republican Party

Some aggressive and bold moves this week to start the process of learning from our mistakes and structural problems ... learning from the Obama and Ron Paul movements ... and rebuilding the party. Well worth reading the entire platform.
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The Plan for the Future

As Republicans, we face a choice.

Either we can spend the next several months -- or years -- trying to figure out what just happened, excusing our defeat away as a temporary blip or the result of a poor environment, and waiting for Barack Obama to trip up. Or we can refuse to take this defeat lying down, and start building the future of our party now.

2008 made one thing clear: if allowed to go unchecked, the Democrats' structural advantages, including their use of the Internet, their more than 2-to-1 advantage with young voters, their discovery of a better grassroots model -- will be as big a threat to the future of the GOP as the toxic political environment we have faced the last few years.

Endorse the plan and urge the candidates for RNC Chairman to adopt these principles

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