Monday, November 17, 2008

Northwest Indiana LakeNET

Just found this site today, the blogging links are extremely weak so most of the "5,000+" links are pretty weak old version web 1.0 sites from chamber lists. They do host not for profit websites, mainly due to their funding coming from State grant.

My humble opinion is that the board needs some web 2.0 talent, some people that actually engage in social media. The site is pretty but not all that useful yet.
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LakeNET is a community website and database devoted to "All Things, Lake and Porter County, Indiana". The LakeNET website contains over 5,000+ links to websites containing valuable information about Lake and Porter County, Northwest Indiana, the Calumet Region, the state of Indiana and more.

LakeNET was made possible, in 1996, by a grant from Access Indiana, an initiative of the Governor's office in cooperation with the Indiana Department Of Education.

In 2004, LakeNET purchased a new server, created a new database which allowed our members to update their own websites and allowed us to expand our website greatly. In 2007, we received a grant from the Legacy Foundation to make improvements to our site, including adding Joomla! software to manage our content and a web re-design, which was posted on July 1, 2008.

LakeNET does not have a yearly budget.  We rely on grants and business sponsorships to pay for our hosting.

Board of Directors 2008-2009

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