Friday, November 21, 2008

Northwest Indiana Blogger Roundup

It's been a while since I've shown the best posts in Northwest Indiana, a feature I used to use a lot. So here goes, if you're looking for great writers in NW Indiana, start subscribing and commenting on these:

James Barath at My Mortgage Mortgage Blog is doing a nice job spotlighting important economic news each day. Sure he's a competitor for my own Mortgage Business, but I always appreciate a good writer.

Are you a member at NW Indiana ReConnect yet?

Another of my political sites Red County - Porter County Indiana, with some national exposure and debates thrown in. Today's post was a round up of NW Indiana political posts.

Ever asked: How do I set up google reader? Well I was asked and wrote the post, I'm sure revisions will be regular since regular readers love to tell me when I've written incorrectly.

Cigar smokin Dave Woodson, another mortgage professional here in NW Indiana, on integrity a huge need in this industry.

Jonathon Thomas, with four blogs to his name already, is posting better photos than any of the rest of us in NW Indiana.

As always you have to check out Dan's posts at Prayeramedic, 390days, and NWI Connect. Oh I almost forgot Tyranny Watch.

Yes, I post somewhere between 50-75 posts a week, on 30 different sites. But that sounds a lot wilder than it is, since I cross post similar material and re-post links to terrific writers like these above. Again, if you aren't using RSS reader, get in the groove, you're working way too hard to follow some great Chicago Southshore writers.