Saturday, November 29, 2008

Indy tweetup - huge success today

Was able to meet some twitter friends, who are excited about ways that God is using online social media to connect missions, churches, and those of us interested in both

One project that I've considered is finding as many online social missions personalities as I can
A number of 'tweeps' showed up today for a 'tweetup' -- don't ask. LOL. We heard 'names' like...
...and a girl named Tabby who has a dog named Bruce.
...and a guy named Bruce who has a cat named Tabby. Go figure.
We discussed how Twitter, Facebook and other social-networking sites can help missions and global awareness in general.... eg. the recent Mumbai story... being reported minute by minute among tweeters onsite at the hotels under seige.
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kathysipple said...

I'm interested in starting a Tweetup in Valparaiso, unless someone knows of a group already in existence. If you're interested (or if you have info on another local group) please let me know. I'm on Twitter @kathysipple or email me at Thanks!