Monday, October 13, 2008

Social Networks Challenge

Social Networks and Profiles (36 updated of 111 total)

My 111 Social Networks list after reading the original post:

Top 100 Social networks every Realtor should have a profile on

I made some additions and subtractions, and added my profiles so that if you sign up for one of the groups, you can easily add me. The key to social networks are twofold, first adding friends and followers that will help you engage, converse, and drive traffic. Second, the links you and your friends can create to your monetized sites become powerful SEO tools.

  1. Twitter (Micro-Blogging) Daltonsbriefs NWIndiana Blogs
  2. Blogger (Blog Platform) Briefs Profile Daltonsbriefs
  3. ActiveRain (Real Estate Industry Site) My profile and Blog
  4. Facebook (Generic Social Network) My profile
  5. LinkedIn (Contacts and Jobs) My profile
  6. FriendFeed (Micro Blogging and Bookmarking) Daltonsbriefs
  7. Google Shared Reader Items Page
  8. StumbleUpon (Bookmarking) Daltonsbriefs
  9. Clipmarks Daltonsbriefs
  10. Digg (Bookmarking) Daltonsbriefs
  11. Zolve (Real Estate) Northwest Indiana Profile and Northwest Indiana Blog
  12. Technorati (Tracking Links) Daltonsbriefs Profile
  13. Delicious (Bookmarking) Daltonsbriefs
  14. Flickr (Media Sharing) My profile
  15. cre8Buzz (Business Niche Network) My profile
  16. Youtube (Media Sharing) My profile
  17. Plurk (Micro Blogging) Daltonsbriefs
  18. Plaxo (Micro Blogging) My profile
  19. Smaller Indiana (Geo Social) My profile
  20. (Geo Social) My profile and blog
  21. Northwest Indiana (Geo Social Ning) My profile and blog
  22. Zillow (Real Estate) My profile and
  23. Lets get this right (Conservative Politics) Daltonsbriefs
  24. Ma.gnolia (Bookmarking) Northwest Indiana Profile
  25. Red County (Conservative Politics) Porter County
  26. (Generic Social Network) My profile
  27. Biggerpockets (Real Estate) My Profile
  28. Wikipedia (Collaborative Information Source) Profile
  29. Google Notes (Bookmarking) My interesting finds
  30. Google Knol (Collaborative Information Source) Profile
  31. Inman
  32. Tumblr
  33. (Comment Network) my profile
  34. Squidoo (blog platform) my profile
  35. Mybloglog (social network) daltonsbriefs
  36. (Generic Social Network) My profile and blog