Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Social Media Real Estate Professionals Top 20

Calling for entries - NW Indiana Real Estate Professionals

I've been here on Active Rain, and writing on my own site, for a couple years now. I watched when the market will still racing and all the talk was "when will the bubble burst." And then I watched and learned as the markets went into turmoil and real estate professionals lost their minds.

But, the good news is that there are some survivors who still care about home buyers and borrowers in NW Indiana. I'd like to feature the top 20 New Media-Social Media Real Estate Professionals here in NW Indiana on Friday. I'll feature the list and links to their online locations here on this blog, and on my own personal blogs.

Between now and then I'd like nominations, don't be shy nominate yourself, make your case. If may not know you if you're new to Active Rain or the industry. Entries will be ranked by:

  • Actual levels of social marketing, connecting, conversation ... not just broadcasting listings
  • SEO power
  • Traffic - where applicable and available
  • Committment to the industry beyond one's own listings and clients, committment to NW Indiana
  • Actual dollar volume of production - it still matters it's just not first

All pretty subjective, I know, but it's important that customers get a chance to see who's really interacting and involved in the community, not just listing tons of bank properties and getting volume numbers.

Depending on the number of entries, I may run a separate list for lenders and "other" catagories. Come on help me out with some nominations.