Monday, October 20, 2008

Indiana Municipal Consultants - New Website

One piece at a time the new website is taking form, please comment we'd love the input.
Cender and Company LLC

Financial Advisors and Planning Consultants for the Public Sector, Tax Consulting for Individuals and Businesses.

For more information contact the
professionals at Cender & Company, LLC.

Phone 219.736.1800
8585 Broadway Suite 777, Merrillville, IN 46410
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1 comment:

jonathanwthomas said...

The design is all right.

What CMS are they using? Static or dynamically generated pages?

The graphics need work though, they look a little rough (mostly just the logo)

From an SEO perspective, they need META tags (Description and keywords) and throwing a simple blog on there would not be a bad idea. You could easily integrate Wordpress on another part of the site and link to from the main menu, choose similar colors, etc. I would also cram more content (text) into the landing page, it's the most important SEO-wise.

Also, I recommend not putting a direct hyperlink with an e-mail address. Spambots will crawl that and add it to their lists. Have the address link to a contact form or something (with image verification).

None of the links work, is that because it's a mockup?