Friday, October 3, 2008

Indiana Bloggers on VP Debate

VP Debate - Indiana Bloggers Comment by Red County

From Indiana Hardball Conservative:

Palin's debate performance

Confident, on message... polished.

She held her own.

I think time will tell how she did. But this Republican is very pleased with Gov. Palin's performance tonight.

Only thing that jumps out is Biden's comment that Obama never said he'd sit down with that moron leader in Iran...

Well, he did say he would. Something along the lines that leaders meet even with their enemies. CNN confirmed that statement right after the debate ended.

This debate tonight will mark the election. No, Palin didn't pull a Quayle... No, Biden didn't make a gaffe like all of us were expecting.

Tomorrow morning will mark how Sarah Palin did.

From Hoosier Access (Live commenting on webcast can be viewed here)

VP Debate Reaction

Well, I thought that Sarah Palin did well. She held her own and made no major mistakes. Her only mistake appears to be one of mispronunciation. Biden was wonkish, pompous, and windy.

This being said, I thought it was even. But then, many of the focus groups and talking heads seem to think that Palin won for whatever reason (perhaps low expectations). I thought that McCain wiped the floor with Obama; talking heads thought it was even or lean Obama. Now I figure it was even, and they think Palin came out ahead.

Go figure.

Sarah Palin reaffirmed the support of Republicans and conservatives in her tonight, even if she did nothing else (and I think that she might have, given the talking heads). There were no "wince moments" as there were during, say, the Couric interview. That alone, I suppose, is a big victory.

She was, as many people have said, shockingly ordinary. And for someone so ordinary and representative of the everyperson, she held her own against Joe Biden, the verbose windbag and vainglorious buffoon that is the personification of the Washington establishment.

And in a "throw the bums out" year, this sort of everyperson holding their own against the personification of a do-nothing Congress and a government in gridlock can't be anything but a good thing.

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