Monday, October 20, 2008

History: Aaron Burr v. Thomas Jefferson

An endorsement of a great leader over a man surrounded by corruption, in 1800 Alexander Hamilton endorsed Thomas Jefferson over Aaron Burr. Yesterday Colin Powell went the opposite direction and endorsed socialism and corruption over leadership and greatness.

Colin Powell is no Alexander Hamilton

Colin Powell endorsed the new Aaron Burr

The most important endorsement in U.S. political history came during the presidential election of 1800.  The House of Representatives had to choose between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.

Colin Powell
His private character is not defended by his most partial friends.  He is bankrupt beyond redemption, except by the plunder of his country.  His ambition will not be content with those objects which virtuous men of either party will allot to it, and his situation and his habits will oblige him to have recourse to corrupt expedients, from which he will be restrained by no moral scruple.  To accomplish his ends, he must lean upon unprincipled men, and will continue to adhere to the myrmidons who have hitherto seconded him.
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