Thursday, September 18, 2008

Union blogger says Dem commissioner disrespectful

It's a tough year when 45 days before the election, union bloggers are turning on the Democrats and calling them out for elitism and disrespect

Porter County Commissioners Disrespectful

The other day I attended a meeting of the Porter County Commissioners.
The experience was not pleasant.
There was not a working sound system, but the room was so small that they shouldn’t have needed one anyway.
There were many people in attendance, mostly senior citizens, and yet these Commissioners spoke in such soft voices that nobody could hear what the heck they were saying.
They gave no consideration to the people in attendance and spoke so softly that nobody could hear a thing that was being said.
This is what sometimes happens to people once they get a job in government. They think all of a sudden that they don't have to be considerate or polite anymore.
I'll blame the guy running the meeting. His name is Robert Harper, I believe. What a joke.
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