Sunday, August 31, 2008

Links and news on Sarah Palin

Palin Links

RedState offers a tale of the tape between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.

Here's President Bush's statement on McCain picking Palin.

Here's a long, long, long list of what various people are saying about Palin.

OpenSecrets takes a look at Sarah Palin's previous campaign finance records.

Bill Kristol explains why the Left is scared of Palin.

The Wall Street Journal has a long profile on Palin.

And here's a profile from the New York Times.

Obama and Biden will be on 60 Minutes tonight and will give their reaction to McCain picking Palin.

Rush Limbaugh talks about Palin on his show on Friday.

Various politicians and pundits give their reaction to McCain picking Palin, as compiled by the Boston Globe.

Zogby's latest poll says the presidential race is a dead heat, as more conservatives commit to McCain because he picked Palin as his running mate.

Rasmussen shares his recent poll data on Palin.

Here's a video clip of Palin in 1988 as a TV sports reporter. I love the bangs!

McCain got a $7 million bounce after picking Palin to be his running mate.

NewsBusters is tracking how the liberal media is covering the news about Palin joining McCain on the ticket.

Residents of Wasilla, Alaska talk about their most famous resident, Sarah Palin.

And here are some economic facts about Wasilla.

Palin offers honorary citizenship to Craig Ferguson. Funny.

Here's a profile of Palin's husband, Todd.

Here are various CNBC interviews of Sarah Palin.

ScrappleFace reliably offers up his satircal perspective on McCain/Palin.

One reason why I like Sarah Palin? She named one of her kids after Van Halen, the greatest rock band of all time.

NTU's Dominic Rupprecht calls McCain/Palin the "Porkbusters Ticket." I like the sound of that.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blog Indiana Day One Updates and Links

Well the first day of Blog Indiana's first statewide conference is completed, with some networking on tap for this evening. Indy Star article on Blog Indiana this morning. The presenters first went over the early results of the Blog Indiana survey of bloggers. Here's the list of sessions today and tomorrow.

The seminars were solid, with quite a few of the major sponsors presenting. Guess what, when someone presents and they want to sell their product, the democracy of bloggers kicks in and they have a ton of opinions. (Photo thanks to Day One Blog Indiana Photos by helloleticia )
I didn't attend the legal issues seminar, but saw many a tweet on the blogindiana searchboard exclaiming the need to become an LLC and post some legal disclaiming language.

45 minutes probably wasn't enough time for many of the seminars and for sure the panel discussion felt rushed with only 45 minutes alloted and no questions for the attendees. Corporate blogging in general created some great questions. Doug Karr was shooting some live video at one point, not sure the exact link.

Panel "How Social Media Impacts Elections" Some some thoughts from the panel on social media and it's impact on politics:

  • The Democrats and Liberals bloggers have had a virtual monopoly until very recently in Indiana. The advent of Hooser Access and it's member blogs has changed this somewhat during 2008.

  • Barack Obama, represented on the panel while John McCain's campaign didn't even respond to requests, has maximized the social medias for getting the word out, recruiting grass roots, and fundraising. They have also needed to use this tool to combat news items attacking Barack for lack of experience, racism at his home church, his original position against and now for oil drilling, and a host of issues surrounding the release of the book Obamanation. (See Hoosiers for McCain for our representation from John McCain, although not an official campaign site)

  • Compendium Software was the title sponsor with a package that encourages companies to use blogs to dramatically increase their SEO by cross-posting the same post across multiple topic driven sites at once. Although pretty heavily "sold" as a presentation, the idea raised some interesting questions about SEO and redundant posting. Update: I've been chided in the comments by Doug Karr and told more information about the presenter's abilities and committment to the technology world, duly noted. I found the presentation very helpful, and was interested in checking out Compendium's platoform.

  • I skipped the last sessions and spent some follow-up time with bloggers, mainly political, from Blue Indiana and Hoosier Access. General consensus was a good event, raising some issues for follow-up. The political bloggers for the most part got along quite well, with little of the problematic attacking that epitomizes talk shows on TV.

That's it for now. More later.

Blog Indiana Conference Interaction

I will be attending today and tomorrow, and who knows we may all learn a lot about our blogging community.

If you are not able to attend but have questions for the speakers or panels, please email them to me Steve (at) greenptdev (dot) com

I'll have my blackberry, will be able to ask questions and then reply.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Photo Blog from NW Indiana

Chris Hedges found a new photo blog here in NW Indiana from Jonathon Thomas.

Sunsets over Valparaiso, dog on the Dunes, and midwest thunderstorm rolling across Porter County. Well worth a stop over.