Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some predicting drop to $50 oil by July 4th

"I peered into the magic snowglobe (and received confirmation from Indiana), and crude oil will be trading at $50/barrel by Independence Day.
That’s my speculation, and I’m sticking to it. Read my post directly before this one if you want to know more"

From One Mom

The fun part is that she's "predicting" the drop, as a way to get people to write about it and perhaps put a scare in the market that actually causes the drop. I like the game.


Chris Hedges said...

I hope oil prices drop! Let's hope that we can get the futures traders and speculators to bid the prices down -- instead of upward.

Daltonsbriefs said...

We're not seeing the drop in oil prices that any of us hoped for yet. Today I think oil jumped back up over $140 a barrel.

I just posted today that the US has also decided to freeze new solar power facilities on public property so the environmental people can do two years of studies.