Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crazy week for NW Indiana Blogosphere

Have you noticed how much the Blogosphere in Northwest Indiana is growing, connecting and evolving recently? I won't give a whole list of posts and links here, since you can find those everywhere including on the list of 50 sites along the sidebar of this site. (if we're missing your site, then set up a profile on squidoo and add yours to that list too)

But some important "new" things in our niche:

The NW Indiana Blog Carnival is back! We experimented with it last year and then we all got pretty busy, we'll be moving around hosting opportunities, so if you're a blogger and want to host leave a comment below. You can submit for next week's Carnival at this link (submission link) this week will be hosted by NWI Reviews. A huge thanks to Chris Hedges for getting us started, I'd sure like to see him host again as soon as time allows.

Both NWI Reviews and NWI Connect are spotlighting regional links on a regular basis. If you've been to a local restaurant, give NWI Reviews a shout to write up a review. If you've found a new website or blog in the area, give NWI Connect a shout.

Word is that traffic monster will be totally updating their look and template with a blog type look. I was asked to write a post on our NW Indiana blogosphere, as soon as it's up I'll leave the link here.

The Attorney General race in Indiana created a ton of traffic for those of us following Mayor Jon Costas' attempt to win the nomination at the convention on Monday. Porter County Politics moved up to 4th statewide on the Blognet News ... with Chris Hedges in the top ten as well. When I looked this morning 8 of the top 10 were sites were sites focusing on this nomination battle. Our friends over at Reason Bell Society are endorsing Jon Costas for Attorney General.

Using Social Networks to grow your online income was my post featuring all these crazy social networks, we're now connecting NW Indiana on twitter, on friendfeed, on facebook and all kinds of other places. If you have a place for us to connect, let me know by leaving a comment. We have a ning network and many of us connect on the major social sites to keep an eye on posts and comments. I know I have set up subscriptions to all the northwest indiana bloggers I know, and to their comments if possible, some days this means reviewing over 100 posts!

The Northwest Indiana blogosphere is booming, with comments and traffic and even some CPC love finally for those of us monetizing. Join the fun.

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