Tuesday, June 3, 2008

219.com overhauls with brand new image

Regional site www.219.com just announced a brand new design and blogger format. I think you'll all like it.

A few points of review:

First the top four writers get front billing, not sure how they choose, so being one of those is a key for traffic. www.219.com has always received a ton of traffic, and now with search friendly blog format they're bound to get even better with time.

If you are interested in writing on the site, send a note to Greg at (g@219.com). By the way On Site Computer is doing all the programming and hosting themselves, and the design shows that they are on top.

They did ask me to contribute on a site called (of course) Daltonsbriefs ... here's my first article link at Daltonsbriefs Northwest Indiana Blogs

Now for some advice for the site:

I'd add google ad sense to more pages than just biographies, not as many people will go to see our bright shiny faces as will read the posts.

I would definitely add RSS capability to the site so we never miss a post.

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