Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Northwest Indiana Today May 20, 2008

Gov. Daniels endorses Costas for AG NWI Times, you'll see lots of endorsements over the next couple days, including a bunch of statewide mayors. I think it's possible that mayors know their communities better than even the party chairs. Mayors back Costas for AG

More Endorsements for Costas from a blogger in Central Indiana who was thrilled to hear from Mayor Jon. Comments from the Lt. Gov on the AG race in Indiana Mayors Supporting Costas

Finally something besides Jon Costas, Get A Back Bone Barack of course it's still political, that's the rage right now.

More politics from Kevin Tracy, who can't seem to support John McCain, but like Mitch Daniels. Go figure? But he's done the design work for Mark Leyva's site. Indiana Republican Mark Leyva has a new website! Let's be honest, Mark won't win, better be careful with dollars spent on this race when others can be won.

Jerry Davich, from the Post Tribune, is tired of Saturday Night Live Presidential hopefulls, Dear presidential hopefuls, please stop doing comedic cameos...

Go Inside A Wind Turbine NW Indiana blogging leader Chris Hedges on Wind Turbines, I think he has an article on E85 fuel too. He also posted that John McCain is reaching out to liberal or at least progressive bloggers. Winning Hearts & Minds? Does this mean that Obama may be too liberal for some Democrats?

To say that Buzzcut doesn't like Obama is an understatement, he keeps us very tuned into the Obama family crisis, namely keeping his wife out of the limelight. Obama tells Buzzcut to "lay off his wife"

Tyranny watch shows A Video Portrait of Barack Obama and I wrote that a liberal writer agreed with Obama Liberal writer supports Hitler appeasement


prayeramedic said...

Sorry Steve, if you don't mind editing the post, I actually deleted my U.S. & Germany comparison. I figured it might have been too over the top.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Edited to your post on Video of Obama, I've been there lots of time. I write it, then rethink it.

We had a guest post on Porter County Politics yesterday that the guest has already removed after rethinking it. All part of the process of blogging and interacting.

prayeramedic said...


Chris Hedges said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the links! Dan seems to be getting into the NWI Blogging mode also with his NWIconnect.com site. It's pretty excited to see everyone getting fired up.

Daltonsbriefs said...


We've sure got a great team member in Dan to add to you and Aaron as leading bloggers. Kevin Tracy gets a ton of traffic and seems to recently be getting more involved commenting and linking, as well as the initial flurry of activity from Jerry Davich, though I haven't seen him let any link love out yet.

We need a ton more though, dozens of active posters, subscribers, commenters, and all the rest ... would be great for all of us.