Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Dan ODay presents Cantrell on Trial posted at NWI Connect.

Daltonsbriefs presents GOP Grunt backing Jon Costas posted at hot property Porter County Politics (hot because the Costas Attorney General run has created a ton of activity)

NWI Reviews presents Jon Costas posted at NWI Reviews, saying, "The big race for NW Indiana is the convention to choose the Republican Attorney General. Jon Costas is our pick."

real estate

Green Pointe presents The State of Commercial Real Estate in NW Indiana posted at Green Pointe Development

On Home Comfort presents Cut Down Cooling Costs posted at On Home Comfort, saying, "With fuel costs higher and budgets tighter, time to look at cutting cooling costs for your home"


Prayeramedic presents Entering Glory posted at prayeramedic, saying, "Pastor at local church passes away from cancer, heart wrenching"


On Line Income presents Using Social Networks to grow your online income posted at Synergy Blueprint - Online Income

Chris Hedges presents The Whole World?s A Twitter posted at Christopher Hedges, saying, "What's all the talk about Twitter?"

BuzzCut presents The people I meet while buying a La-Z-Boy Recliner... posted at Blue County in a Red State

Kevin Tracy presents My 5 Favorite Police Chases (and even some getaways!) posted at Kevin Tracy

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Post Tribune on Jon Costas Campaign

Noted this morning that the Post-Tribune did a short piece on the Costas campaign for Attorney General, and its use of the internet.

Typing the name of Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas into Google will probably bring up more than the most recent news alerts. Costas said last week his campaign has begun using Web sites such as Wikipedia and Facebook to reach out to voters during his nomination bid for Indiana attorney general. "That's the way people are communicating nowadays," Costas said. "It's just a way of connecting with people. It's particularly helpful when you're trying to do it state-wide and you're relatively unknown."

Costas said his campaign decided to use the online resources to compensate for the shorter-than-usual time frame for the race. "We have very little time to tell the people who we are," he said. "This is an unusual race. We have six weeks. We have to find creative ways to tell them who we are and what we are about." Along with a political Facebook profile, which had 214 supporters for Costas on Friday, an article on Wikipedia covers Costas' life, both professionally and personally.

Other great places for online information on Jon Costas:

Jon Costas on Facebook
Jon Costas on Youtube with 8 videos on his ideas for the office
Jon Costas on MySpace
Jon's Journal Blog
Jon's Campaign Site
Porter County Politics
Convention Delegate Center

Northwest Indiana is getting a ton of attention, the next week will be hot. Some of the radical right fringes supporting Greg Zoeller have even bad-mouthed Valparaiso as a way to get at our Mayor.

Some other posts:
Governor Endorses Jon Costas for AG
Costas Endorsed by Governor Daniels
Daniels Endorses Costas, Bennett Howey Politics Indiana
Mitch’s Endorsement of Costas Big NWI News Christopher Hedges
Costas Speaks to bloggers
Our friends over at Reason Bell Society are endorsing Jon Costas for Attorney General. From NWI Reviews

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Northwest Indiana Today May 20, 2008

Gov. Daniels endorses Costas for AG NWI Times, you'll see lots of endorsements over the next couple days, including a bunch of statewide mayors. I think it's possible that mayors know their communities better than even the party chairs. Mayors back Costas for AG

More Endorsements for Costas from a blogger in Central Indiana who was thrilled to hear from Mayor Jon. Comments from the Lt. Gov on the AG race in Indiana Mayors Supporting Costas

Finally something besides Jon Costas, Get A Back Bone Barack of course it's still political, that's the rage right now.

More politics from Kevin Tracy, who can't seem to support John McCain, but like Mitch Daniels. Go figure? But he's done the design work for Mark Leyva's site. Indiana Republican Mark Leyva has a new website! Let's be honest, Mark won't win, better be careful with dollars spent on this race when others can be won.

Jerry Davich, from the Post Tribune, is tired of Saturday Night Live Presidential hopefulls, Dear presidential hopefuls, please stop doing comedic cameos...

Go Inside A Wind Turbine NW Indiana blogging leader Chris Hedges on Wind Turbines, I think he has an article on E85 fuel too. He also posted that John McCain is reaching out to liberal or at least progressive bloggers. Winning Hearts & Minds? Does this mean that Obama may be too liberal for some Democrats?

To say that Buzzcut doesn't like Obama is an understatement, he keeps us very tuned into the Obama family crisis, namely keeping his wife out of the limelight. Obama tells Buzzcut to "lay off his wife"

Tyranny watch shows A Video Portrait of Barack Obama and I wrote that a liberal writer agreed with Obama Liberal writer supports Hitler appeasement

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Solid list of NW Indiana blogs and RSS Feeds

I wrote a longer piece today at Porter County Politics listing RSS feeds for the most active bloggers in Northwest Indiana

Commenter question yesterday was ...

Jerry Davich from the Post Tribune also wrote a post asking for NW Indiana bloggers to head over and leave names and blog names. Lost in the NWI blogosphere? I'm here to help
from Jerry Davich

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How many of the top 1001 movies have you seen?

1001 Movies to See
Have you checked out the list? 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

I posted to an old site I don't go to much, since it was kind of an exercise in getting the list down of the ones I have seen. I've seen 184 of the 1001. Got some work to do eh?

Costas picks up key Gubernatorial endorsement for AG

Lots of blogosphere activity in NW Indiana on this report:

More links to Governor Daniels endorsement of Costas at Porter County Politics

Costas endorsed by Governor Daniels at Prayeramedic

Daniels backs Costas for attorney general at Times

It would be nice to get a NW Indiana guy into that statehouse.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Blog: Tyranny Watch

Our new friend Dan from Prayeramedic has decided to split his already divided personality into two blogs. One for his Christian walk and thoughts, and another for more political and worldview issues.

I'm going to be changing a few things up. In the spirit of keeping the theme of this website oriented towards what its name implies -- I am going to mostly avoid politics and news that is not intended to enhance or inform Christ-followers, thus "equipping His remnant."I have a created a new website as a result, entitled Tyranny Watch, which will focus much more on the news, politics, and other related things of that sort. I have already moved some content from this site over to that one and will continue to do so. I am going to steer this blog (prayeramedic) much more in the direction of my last post, entitled Death by 'Suburbia', that is, living your faith in today's culture. I wish to do this by asking you to focus on facts that have real life applications, not just objective material that we can ultimately do very little about. Our real "struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Ephesians 6:12). Quote from Dan himself.

Congratulations Dan on joining the polybloggers world, I hope you're able to hold all those personalities in one brain.