Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still searching for his candidate

I'm sorry to take a pot shot at a fellow NW Indiana blogger, but Kevin Tracy is still on an endless hunt for a candidate. His most recent is a former Republican who is now a Libertarian.

Who is Bob Barr and why should Republicans take notice?
from Kevin Tracy by Kevin
Bob Barr is a former Republican US Representative from the state of Georgia’s 7th Congressional District. He remained in office until 2003. Due to Gerrymandering, Barr’s District 7 most of its territory and much of Represenative John Linder’s (the guy who introduced the Fair Tax to the House floor) district was then incorporated into the new 7th District. Barr lost in the 2002 GOP Primary and hasn’t run for office until now.
Upset with the liberal direction his political party is taking, Bob Barr has left the Republican Party to become a member of the Libertarian Party. But that’s not all… the man is seeking the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination for 2008. That means he’s butting heads with Mike Gravel of all people.

Read the whole article on Kevin's site.

Now, my thoughts. Kevin, time to back John McCain and help us win back the house and senate.


Eric Dondero said...

Bob Barr will make a fine Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, perhaps the best ever, even eclipsing Ed Clark's high water mark of nearly 1 million votes (1.1%) in 1980.

Problem is the Party is in the grips of leftwing Anti-War Libertarians (many outright Anarchists), thes days. Most of the Pro-Defense wing has left for the GOP into the Republican Liberty Caucus, Club for Growth, ect...

Barr will get a substantial vote among just the hardcore Libertarian set - base of about 500,000.

But if he hopes to increase that into the millions, he'll need to walk a fine line on foreign policy, careful not to run away Pro-Defense libertarians who might be inclined to vote for him.

Just today we learn of yet another report about to be released showing how the Surge in Iraq has been a stunning success since September.

If Barr takes the Ron Paul non-interventionist/pacifist line and claims that the War is a "failure" he'll end up looking foolish and run off a great many potential libertarian Republican supporters.

Kevin Tracy said...

I'm actively supporting Republicans for an assortment of offices, including House and Senate candidates.

I'm still a Republican.

And that's why I am not backing John McCain.

prayeramedic said...

I'm a Republican myself. That's also why I am not backing John McCain. Read all about McCain's financial corruption and how he killed 167 men on the USS Forrestal on my blog at