Sunday, February 17, 2008

United State to shoot down satellite

Thomko Petro Chemical Blog points out:

Security advisers to the President have warned that if the satellite is
allowed to re-enter the earth's atmosphere, it could lead to loss of life. I'll
admit I'm concerned about where the debris may fall, and possible loss of life
or property by shooting down the satellite. The satellite has hazardous fuel
onboard, so there is also a environmental concern. If the "missile hit" on the
satellite fails, then what?

The U.S. has not conducted this type of operation since the 1980's.
NASA states that if a first shot misses, it will continue to circle the earth
long enough to allow a second or even a third try - "scary"

The links and thoughts therein suggest something possibly sinister? Are we testing a military system that can shoot down satellites? Are we using this as a cover up because what's up there could be a problem? Or, are we ahead of China and Russia and they are just throwing fits because once America is showing them up?

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