Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some Great Posts Today

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Highlights from the Chesterton Tribune

Low SAT scores are not a recent phenomenon.;) (Blue County in a Red State)
1897: Egged on by an amateur mathematician, the Indiana General Assembly almost passes a bill adopting 3.2 as the exact value of pi (or π). Only the intervention of a Purdue University mathematician who happens to be visiting the legislature prevents the bill from becoming law, saving the most acute political embarrassment.

Buzz also weighs in with news that the Mayor of Gary and Hammond are trying to get some pork for themselves from the South Shore extension. Nice try guys, but we've already shown we don't need your votes, thanks for nothing.

From Chris Hedges on Declinism
Bruno Behrend has a rebuttal to those who say America’s great days are over.
Rumors and predictions of our death are greatly exaggerated. This is not to say we can coast. That is never an option. Just do your part to make the world a better place.

From Daltons Briefs on Kosovo and Independance
Publius Pundit follows a train of thought suggesting that Russia is the world bad boy. Can't keep their hands out of things they don't understand. Still using their energy resources to try and buy influence in small countries. Time for Russia to give up on stealing independance from Kosovo and walk away from the Serbia they screwed up in the first place.

From Thomko Petro Chemical Blog
January's payrolls decline underscores a troubling trend—the U.S. economy's ability to generate new jobs is fading fastLike lava flowing from a volcano, creative destruction—the economic notion that old companies and industries have to be wiped out before new ones can be born, first popularized by economist Joseph Schumpeter—is scary but beautiful.

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