Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kosovo some research and independance ideas

I didn't know enough about this story, so I did some research on my own


Kosovo History Study

First off I figured I'd do a little research into the whole issue, you can look over my shoulder while I do:

Ok, so I jumped over to Wikipedia to get the basics, sure I know they can be manipulated, but the basic historical details will be a starting point. First thing I notice is that the region has fallen on that fault line of Orthodox-Catholic Christendom and Islam, eerily similar to Turkey.

See the Wikipedia notes from the time period of the Ottoman Empire and just thereafter:

So China is worried if one group gets to make up their own minds who will rule
them, then their own despotism will come into view. Good, then it's high time
that we increase the pressure on their ridiculous regime too. That one I
 blog it

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