Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kosovo some research and independance ideas

I didn't know enough about this story, so I did some research on my own


Kosovo History Study

First off I figured I'd do a little research into the whole issue, you can look over my shoulder while I do:

Ok, so I jumped over to Wikipedia to get the basics, sure I know they can be manipulated, but the basic historical details will be a starting point. First thing I notice is that the region has fallen on that fault line of Orthodox-Catholic Christendom and Islam, eerily similar to Turkey.

See the Wikipedia notes from the time period of the Ottoman Empire and just thereafter:

So China is worried if one group gets to make up their own minds who will rule
them, then their own despotism will come into view. Good, then it's high time
that we increase the pressure on their ridiculous regime too. That one I
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Tiger Woods - #1 every time he wants

I don't post original material here often, but I couldn't help but give a hat tip to Tiger Woods.

Once again showing who's #1 in the world in golf. No matter the equipment gains, or the training of the world's best golfers, he wins again! I think if I recall correctly he shot 10 or 12 birdies in 18 holes in the first round to come from behind and win ... then go on to win out and become once again champion. Congratulations Tiger.

The world may look on the United States as imperialist, or even prideful, but dang we do tend to win when it counts.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Northwest Indiana Blogs - To our list

Northwest Indiana Loan Guy Blog

Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Group

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Green Pointe Development

Northwest Indiana Blogs: Northwest Indiana Blog Carnival - February 6

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Northwest Indiana Blogger Roundup Today

Chris Hedges posts Gary FOP posts warning about reserve officers

Allyn Paul on Lime Treatments for your Lawn

Thomko Petro on Satellite shoot down, possible military reasons

Chris Hedges reports on the John McCain petition signatures for the Indiana GOP Primary, I guess there was a suggestion by Democrats that McCain fell a few signatures short. GOP officials say this is hogwash.

Daltonsbriefs (yeah me) I reported on my international blog the unfolding story last night of Serbian thugs attacking the American embassy in Serbia, this in retaliation for the United States recognizing the independance of Kosovo, formely a Serbian province.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

United State to shoot down satellite

Thomko Petro Chemical Blog points out:

Security advisers to the President have warned that if the satellite is
allowed to re-enter the earth's atmosphere, it could lead to loss of life. I'll
admit I'm concerned about where the debris may fall, and possible loss of life
or property by shooting down the satellite. The satellite has hazardous fuel
onboard, so there is also a environmental concern. If the "missile hit" on the
satellite fails, then what?

The U.S. has not conducted this type of operation since the 1980's.
NASA states that if a first shot misses, it will continue to circle the earth
long enough to allow a second or even a third try - "scary"

The links and thoughts therein suggest something possibly sinister? Are we testing a military system that can shoot down satellites? Are we using this as a cover up because what's up there could be a problem? Or, are we ahead of China and Russia and they are just throwing fits because once America is showing them up?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Lake County office actually cutting costs

Thanks for the notice (Chris Hedges once again) ... man it's nice to see a government office cutting costs, must mean that Mitch Daniels' cap plan is working.
Life in Northwest Indiana & Beyond.

Auditor: Cutting Back & Improving Service

The Lake County auditor’s office is cutting back and improving taxpayer service — following the suggestions of the Good Government report.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Top Real Estate Bloggers in NW Indiana

Time for some accolades, these bloggers have amassed points and contacts, and if they are anything like me, a ton of business from their active blogs.

Keep up the great work!
clipped from

1.  Chuck Dellorto "Talk To
(68,455)  Real Estate in Lake County

2.  Steve Dalton -
Northwest Indiana
(62,946) Construction and Commercial Property in NW

3.  Jeff & Grace
Safrin-SpousesSellingHouses REALTORS, F.C.Tucker Company, Indiana
Real Estate in Porter County

4.  Kimberly Wester - NW
Indiana Stager
(58,606)  Home Stager

5.  Dave Woodson
(40,178) Mortgage Lender in LaPorte County

6.  Suzanne Willems
(38,866) Real Estate in Lake County

7.  Ronda
(29,627) Real Estate in Porter County

8.  Jana Caudill
(25,991) Real Estate in Lake County

9.  Northwest Indiana
Commercial Affiliates
(10,792)  Commercial Real Estate

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Chris Hedges talks Venezuala

I don't know a ton about this specific little dictator, but I know that the United States of America is widely hated in places where freedom is despised.

Socialist Venezuela Crumbles As Chavez’s Failures Mount

Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez and his country are learning the hard way as socialism’s failures grind what should be a paradise — Venezuela has oil riches — into the ground with economic and social problems.

Simon Romero of the New York Times reports how socialism is failing the citizens of Venezuela:

These should be the best of times for Venezuela, blessed with the largest conventional oil reserves outside the Middle East and oil prices near record highs. But this country’s economic and social problems have become so acute lately that President Hugo Chávez is facing an unusual onslaught of criticism, even from his own supporters, about his management of the country. …

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Northwest Indiana Blog Carnival - February 6

Wow, thanks to all the submitters this week, I can't tell you how excited I am to see a growing and challenging blogging community in Northwest Indiana. Steve

Welcome to the February 6, 2008 edition of nwi blog carnival.

Chris Hedges
presents 10 Blogging Necessities posted at NWI Blogs, saying, "Here’s my list of the top 10 blogging necessities that took me a while to figure out. The list isn’t in any particular order, so something in the middle could be just as important as the top item."

Larry Penilla presents Historic Fed Move Cuts Both Ways for Borrowers posted at Larry Penilla.

Daltonsbriefs (yep that me) presents Super Tuesday - John McCain Wins Big posted at Porter County Politics

NWI Blogs presents Dispatch 01.21.08 posted at Area 45, saying, "If you haven't had a chance to read the unknown correspondent's reports from Area 45, take some time to explore this funny satirical site."

Dwayne Tucker presents Free Desktop BackGround from! posted at Dwayne Tucker - PhotoShop Blog / Tutorials, saying, "This is a free desktop background to give everyone a energy boost when at work; you can get it if you want. I am Dwayne Tucker from"

Jean Stevenson presents Re-Branding America posted at DripperUnderground.
Aaron Simac presents More air leakage posted at On Home Comfort

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some Great Posts Today

Also, if you haven't already, send in the link to your post for this week's carnival: Here's the place, it only takes like two minutes.

Highlights from the Chesterton Tribune

Low SAT scores are not a recent phenomenon.;) (Blue County in a Red State)
1897: Egged on by an amateur mathematician, the Indiana General Assembly almost passes a bill adopting 3.2 as the exact value of pi (or π). Only the intervention of a Purdue University mathematician who happens to be visiting the legislature prevents the bill from becoming law, saving the most acute political embarrassment.

Buzz also weighs in with news that the Mayor of Gary and Hammond are trying to get some pork for themselves from the South Shore extension. Nice try guys, but we've already shown we don't need your votes, thanks for nothing.

From Chris Hedges on Declinism
Bruno Behrend has a rebuttal to those who say America’s great days are over.
Rumors and predictions of our death are greatly exaggerated. This is not to say we can coast. That is never an option. Just do your part to make the world a better place.

From Daltons Briefs on Kosovo and Independance
Publius Pundit follows a train of thought suggesting that Russia is the world bad boy. Can't keep their hands out of things they don't understand. Still using their energy resources to try and buy influence in small countries. Time for Russia to give up on stealing independance from Kosovo and walk away from the Serbia they screwed up in the first place.

From Thomko Petro Chemical Blog
January's payrolls decline underscores a troubling trend—the U.S. economy's ability to generate new jobs is fading fastLike lava flowing from a volcano, creative destruction—the economic notion that old companies and industries have to be wiped out before new ones can be born, first popularized by economist Joseph Schumpeter—is scary but beautiful.