Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who's at fault for fraud in Region politics?

Jerry Davich suggests that its the voters, the ones that keep sending the same exact people back into office for decades.
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I don't blame crooked pols... I blame you

don't blame crooked politicians, or even those pols who may not be "crooked"
but who have obvious "lapses in judgment" or whatever. They're going to cheat,
lie, and bamboozle as much as they can get away with, regardless of public
office. For them, it's partly human nature at work, and partly region politics
as usual.
No, I blame you - the region's voters and citizens who elect 'em
into office.
I blame you for keeping 'em in office year after year, decade
after decade.
I blame you for choosing to whine about it, joke about it, or
make hollow threats about it rather than actually do something about it. I see
it year after year, pol after pol, election after election.
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