Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NW Indiana blogger suggests support for McCain too

Although the entire post is balanced, and shows good thought on John McCain's strengths and his problems in the past with republicans, this post shows that people are being won over by the Iraqi surge success, and McCain's straight talk.

Buzz, keep up the posting, I am reading every one of them.

Blue County in a Red State

Steve Dalton mentioned that he's for McCain.

I think that I am too. I
think McCain is the only candidate who was right on the Iraq War from day

McCain never drank Rumsfeld's cool-aid regarding troop size. From
day one McCain said that there needed to be more troops in Iraq.

And lo
and behold, when we DID put more troops in there, Iraq was pacified and Al Qaida
was destroyed.
There's one quote from McCain that sold me. He said recently that if the
Democrats had had their way, either Saddaam would still be in power, or Al Qaida
would have defeated us in Iraq and would now be in power there with a huge
propoganda win.
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