Friday, January 25, 2008

A dream: NWI community of blogs

Seattle of course is the best example:

What neighborhood bloggers are saying is happening in their Seattle
area neighborhoods...;.

“Car-free” and happy on Broadway Seattle ,
and ”parroting” similar sentiments on Capitol Hill ...;.

Capitol Hill Triangle “toasts” with
an Elysian Immortal IPA to celebrate a Grand Re-opening.
“Home (less)”
thoughts in Cosmo Seattle and more
social issues when ”trash” raises its’ ugly head in Red Brick Blog

Happy 2nd Birthday to Kirkland Weblog! blog games
when Mid Beacon Hill starts a game
of where am I?

Miller Park Neighborhood
gets a “bright idea” for improving safety in
Capitol Hill, and the Outer Limits: The Lake City Blog
finally wakes up after a long blog snooze and tells us about breakfast at

Bug alert for mom’s in SammaMishmash , and Super 8
Film Fest in Blogging Georgetown

Exotic Cat capture in West Seattle Blog and finally...;Moon
over Seattle in Beach Drive Blog

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