Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The debate continues on the South Shore Expansion

Blue County Red State has tended to poke some holes in the argument, and as always Buzz likes to suggest that government always lies by saying it will cost one thing and then spending a ton more. Good points and worthy debates to join over at his site.

The South Shore Expansion STIF is ROLLING.

opposition from Democrats Charlie Brown and Vernon Smith of Gary, the South
Shore Extension funding through a STIF propoal passed the house.

The House of Representatives adopted Rep. Chet Dobis' funding
package by a 54-41 vote, with 15 Republicans joining 39 Democrats in voting for

I have to admit, I am impressed that this has gone
as far as it has. I would never have bet that it would pass either

I don't like Democrats, but you have to be impressed with Chester.
He had a good idea and he sold it to both downstate Democrats and

Of course, as a heterosexual white male, he should be a
Republican anyway.;)
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