Thursday, January 31, 2008

Buzzcut trying to decide

... if he should run in the 12th.

Says buzz on today's Blue County in a Red State:

Confession: my wife is TOTALLY against it. We've got a baby on the way in
May, and 3 kids under 7. She's worried that its going to mess up my work and
family schedule, which it probably will.On the other hand... Reardon
has no opposition

What kind of democracy is it that there is no opposition to
incumbants?!?So... am I running? I don't know. Filing doesn't end for a couple
of weeks. I still have time to convince my wife. Or, even better, for a REAL
Republican, somebody who knows what the hell they're doing, to get into the

Man, tough call, I commented and believe it firmly that if your spouse isn't happy, it won't be a good thing at home.

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