Thursday, January 31, 2008

More new NW Indiana bloggers

... at least they were new to our site.

Janseng, Northwest Indiana widow and Obama supporter. (H/T to the other Northwest Indiana Blogs - thanks Chris)

Kevin Tracy - Mike Huckabee supporter in NW Indiana. (Thanks for the email Kevin - let's work together)

The dream is starting to spark, bloggers in Northwest Indiana working together and raising real debates to a level that can be discussed without control from the Major Media Outlets.

For those of you that may be twitters' feel free to "follow" so we can keep regular track of things going on:

Buzzcut trying to decide

... if he should run in the 12th.

Says buzz on today's Blue County in a Red State:

Confession: my wife is TOTALLY against it. We've got a baby on the way in
May, and 3 kids under 7. She's worried that its going to mess up my work and
family schedule, which it probably will.On the other hand... Reardon
has no opposition

What kind of democracy is it that there is no opposition to
incumbants?!?So... am I running? I don't know. Filing doesn't end for a couple
of weeks. I still have time to convince my wife. Or, even better, for a REAL
Republican, somebody who knows what the hell they're doing, to get into the

Man, tough call, I commented and believe it firmly that if your spouse isn't happy, it won't be a good thing at home.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NW Indiana Blog Carnival Week One

Northwest Indiana Blog has posted the first Carnival for bloggers in NW Indiana. Head over and take some time to read the 12 terrific posts for our small and growing group of bloggers.

And some new finds like Hobart Township Library
Lawn Leaders: Dripper Underground

The debate continues on the South Shore Expansion

Blue County Red State has tended to poke some holes in the argument, and as always Buzz likes to suggest that government always lies by saying it will cost one thing and then spending a ton more. Good points and worthy debates to join over at his site.

The South Shore Expansion STIF is ROLLING.

opposition from Democrats Charlie Brown and Vernon Smith of Gary, the South
Shore Extension funding through a STIF propoal passed the house.

The House of Representatives adopted Rep. Chet Dobis' funding
package by a 54-41 vote, with 15 Republicans joining 39 Democrats in voting for

I have to admit, I am impressed that this has gone
as far as it has. I would never have bet that it would pass either

I don't like Democrats, but you have to be impressed with Chester.
He had a good idea and he sold it to both downstate Democrats and

Of course, as a heterosexual white male, he should be a
Republican anyway.;)
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Join the Northwest Indiana Blog Carnival

Yes, I submitted three posts, heck I run 16 sites, but I can assure you that all three submissions were NW Indiana related.

Now head over and submit, it takes like 2 minutes total.
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NWI Blog Carnival Count: 6 Posts!

The inaugural Northwest Indiana blog carnival is up to six posts now with some additions by prolific local blogger Steve Dalton, author of Daltons Briefs, Northwest Indiana Real Estate, and Porter County Politics, as well as several others.

Don’t miss out!

If you’re a Northwest Indiana Blogger, make sure to submit your favorite post to the Northwest Indiana blog carnival.

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NWI Blogs
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Valparaiso native earns honor

Adrian Jones - the "boy wonder" as he's called by Mayor Jon Costas, was honored as one of consulting magazines 30 under 30. Well deserved great job Adrian.
Category:   30 under Thirty
Adrian Jones, Consultant, Bain & Company
While most high school seniors were putting the finishing touches on their
college entrance applications, Adrian Jones was preparing a plan to unseat a
popular mayor in his hometown. At the age of 17, Jones was serving as a campaign
director for his neighbor, Jon Costas, in a mayoral run in Valparaiso, Ind. “I
love the ability to make a difference in the community, and that’s one reason I
love local politics,” Jones says. “And I’m passionate about Valparaiso. This is
where I grew up, and I look at it as giving back to my community.”
He’s currently a member of the private equity practice, but he’s done “a little
bit of everything at Bain,” and that includes another one of his
passions—travel. Jones has traveled to 67 countries and is currently working in
Stockholm, Sweden, “trying to build a bigger global perspective on how business
operates,” Jones says. “I think that perspective will be very beneficial.”
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Northwest Indiana on Outside.In

I've been testing the site, they just added local neighborhood capability on their blog-forum style site. In a couple major metros they have even added mapping capabilities so bloggers and things bloggers are talking about will show on a map.

If you are a Northwest Indiana blogger, head over and add some content so we at least exist on the site. Northwest Indiana (Gary Metro) discussion thread.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vic Davis - leader, pastor, visionary in Gary Indiana

I know Vic and Faith personally and can attest to their committment in Gary. A fine tribute, well deserved.
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Victor Davis

Senior pastor of Spirit of God Fellowship in Gary.
Accomplishments: Victor L. Davis is the senior pastor of Spirit of God
Fellowship in Gary. The mission of the church he founded in 1983 is �we endeavor
to present every man mature in Christ Jesus'. This is achieved through various
classes, teachings, demonstrations and interaction in people's

Davis presides at the 10:15 a.m.Sunday contemporary worship and
leads Kingdom Living, a 12-week course offered on Wednesday evenings centered on
how to live out our faith in the context of everyday life. Spirit of God
Accelerated Education School serves youth ages three through sixth-grade and the
technology center adjacent to the church building has 30 computer terminals with
Advice: "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you
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Friday, January 25, 2008

A dream: NWI community of blogs

Seattle of course is the best example:

What neighborhood bloggers are saying is happening in their Seattle
area neighborhoods...;.

“Car-free” and happy on Broadway Seattle ,
and ”parroting” similar sentiments on Capitol Hill ...;.

Capitol Hill Triangle “toasts” with
an Elysian Immortal IPA to celebrate a Grand Re-opening.
“Home (less)”
thoughts in Cosmo Seattle and more
social issues when ”trash” raises its’ ugly head in Red Brick Blog

Happy 2nd Birthday to Kirkland Weblog! blog games
when Mid Beacon Hill starts a game
of where am I?

Miller Park Neighborhood
gets a “bright idea” for improving safety in
Capitol Hill, and the Outer Limits: The Lake City Blog
finally wakes up after a long blog snooze and tells us about breakfast at

Bug alert for mom’s in SammaMishmash , and Super 8
Film Fest in Blogging Georgetown

Exotic Cat capture in West Seattle Blog and finally...;Moon
over Seattle in Beach Drive Blog

Find more articles tagged with:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Blogs! In northwest indiana

Area 45 - love the sense of humor

And another Northwest Indiana Blogs site (with a great design)

Team Hammond, reformation of the entire tax system is suggested on this site. Hopefully they'll get the traffic to start some great debate.

Who's at fault for fraud in Region politics?

Jerry Davich suggests that its the voters, the ones that keep sending the same exact people back into office for decades.
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I don't blame crooked pols... I blame you

don't blame crooked politicians, or even those pols who may not be "crooked"
but who have obvious "lapses in judgment" or whatever. They're going to cheat,
lie, and bamboozle as much as they can get away with, regardless of public
office. For them, it's partly human nature at work, and partly region politics
as usual.
No, I blame you - the region's voters and citizens who elect 'em
into office.
I blame you for keeping 'em in office year after year, decade
after decade.
I blame you for choosing to whine about it, joke about it, or
make hollow threats about it rather than actually do something about it. I see
it year after year, pol after pol, election after election.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NW Indiana blogger suggests support for McCain too

Although the entire post is balanced, and shows good thought on John McCain's strengths and his problems in the past with republicans, this post shows that people are being won over by the Iraqi surge success, and McCain's straight talk.

Buzz, keep up the posting, I am reading every one of them.

Blue County in a Red State

Steve Dalton mentioned that he's for McCain.

I think that I am too. I
think McCain is the only candidate who was right on the Iraq War from day

McCain never drank Rumsfeld's cool-aid regarding troop size. From
day one McCain said that there needed to be more troops in Iraq.

And lo
and behold, when we DID put more troops in there, Iraq was pacified and Al Qaida
was destroyed.
There's one quote from McCain that sold me. He said recently that if the
Democrats had had their way, either Saddaam would still be in power, or Al Qaida
would have defeated us in Iraq and would now be in power there with a huge
propoganda win.
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vote for your favorite

I think I found a way to make this list a little more fair:

Go over to Daltonsbriefs Squidoo and vote on the whole list for your favorites.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Region Rats remembers the past

Like Joe Friday- Just the Facts!

Since the Christmas Season has just passed, I thought I’d mention something
about growing up in Hammond during the best time of the year.

Many of us Region Rats know about Marshal Field and their Christmas Windows
in the Loop. But do you remember the window display at the Downtown Hammond
Goldblat Store.

Certainly not as large as the Field display, it never the less was as well
done and as animated as the famous one in Chicago.

You would be able to see Santa, trains, angels, and other characters,
skating, giving and getting gifts with arms and legs moving and dancing around.
It was a sight to behold. The window diplay lasted as long as the store existed;
until the 1980’s.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Obama and McCain leading in New Hamsphire

Well as expected Obama did get the kick from Iowa over Hillary and moves into first in New Hampshire. She'll come back, mark my words, she's not even close to done yet. I can only hope that she has to spend her entire $100 million beating him.

As for John McCain, and especially tonite's January 5 Presidential Debate, watch out Mitt. I think John McCain's surge in the polls, his increased sense of winning being possible, and the nation's intolerance for rampant negative ads is going to hurt Mitt.

A new Rasmussen poll released Saturday shows Obama now 10 points ahead of
Hillary in New Hampshire, and McCain 5 points ahead of Romney.

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