Saturday, December 8, 2007

Region 1.0 - I'm still looking for some 2.0

I guess that's my way of being cute and saying, it's time NW Indiana, or Chicago Southshore if you will, steps up and starts engaging in 2.0 type debate and interaction. No, the nwi message board is not the place! I think only 15 people with about 45 pseudonymns ever even get on that board these days. That was old news.

While the Times and Post are trying to figure out how to engage their readers, and still sell advertising.

I did come across some more active dialogue at Northwest Indiana Quality of Life Council blog, with some real debate for once. Site is a bit touchy since all the posts don't appear on the title page for some reason so you have to dig for articles and then comment once you find them.


Chris Hedges said...

Hi Steve,

I tried out the Times' forums, but found that they are a world unto themselves that isn't necessarily the same as the cooperative spirit usually found in the blogosphere.

One of the more prolific posters out of the five or six heavy users over there is actually anti-blogging and loves to point out that "nobody" reads blogs.

I put up a post to this site on my site to hopefully get it some more attention.

I hope that the Northwest Indiana blogosphere is able to come together in a meaningful way -- even if we have political and other differences in viewpoints -- so that we make a stronger community.

At the very least, we should show Fort Wayne and Indianapolis that blogging occurs in Northwest Indiana!

D said...

Chris, thanks for the post, I'd sure love to see more NW Indiana bloggers step and and connect.

Chris Hedges said...

Hi Steve,

I think they will once they figure out there is a Northwest Indiana blogging community.

Rob said...

NWITimes just added RSS feeds a day or two ago. Thats about as 2.0 as we get around here.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Rob, The Times actually had RSS feeds all the way back when they changed names of the site to just

I had to contact the IT department to get the addresses. I better head over and make sure my feeds are right if they've finally released them like a normal site.

They are working hard to try and keep all traffic on their site. If they write an article they want everyone to stay right there to comment blogstyle.