Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Northwest Indiana Top 50

It may take me all weekend, during interuptions by parties and such, to get the whole list published here Over the last two weeks, Ive received updated links and lots of new sites. I think this is the best list of active bloggers in NW Indiana, but if you were left off, say something! I gave up on technorati or other methods of measuring .... none of us really gets enough traffic yet.

So, for now, it's going to be my opinion and that's about it. I'll keep updating all weekend with comments and better graphics. Check in a couple times

Synergy Thoughts My own Northwest Indiana home building and real estate blog
Life and Lawns New and improved, with a great debate with a Mormon over Mitt Romney
Northwest Indiana Comical Politics
Region Review Willems Realtors Northwest Indiana Review. Authority level of 3 on Technorati.
Daltons Briefs on Active Rain Musings on Real Estate and Home Building in Northwest Indiana.
NWI Times Interact Most active message board that I've found. On probation, will probably be removed next week, there just isn't enough activity.
Northwest Indiana Online . Similar problem as NWI, too few people and an old format. Home of former Porter Township Trustee Bob Wichlinski, some terrific articles on Northwest Indiana issues.
Peaclver's Semi-Regular Blog - featuring posts about the Calumet Region. Joe Kaminski, Author of Peaclver's Semi Regular Blog and Author of "In the Company of Legends" on
Rabbi Zalmanov's Blog Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov is the director of Chabad of Northwest Indiana.
No Illiana Tollway News and Opinion about the proposed Illiana Expressway Toll Road from I-65 in Northwest Indiana to I-57 in Will County, Illinois.
Thomko Petro This particular blog evolved with promoting Thomko Petro Chemical. The author started blogging on the petrochemical and oil industry, the blog soon took on other subjects of interest, along with current events. Tough to comment though, I think you have to join squarespace just to comment
Home Staging Kim is an ASP Stager in Northwest Indiana, serving both Porter and Lake Counties. Increase the salability of your listings with my staging services. Visit my website for before and after photos!
Home Staging on Active Rain More from Kimberly Wester.
Daltons Briefs - written by me (Steve Dalton) and sometimes features real estate, or mortgages, or even politics.
On Deadline with Phil Potempa of NWI Times
Music with Mike Clark of NWI Times Basically Times writers aren't doing a very good job on their blogs
Prep SportsOpinions with Mark Keisling of NWI Times
VU with David Robb of NWI Times
Real Estate and Community Info Ronda Meyers-Waters
All about Chocolate
Porter County Politics Political stories and opinions with a decidedly conservative slant. Authority level 4 on Technorati. Recently endorsed John McCain for President, so most articles heavy that direction for now.
Central Baptist Church of Hobart Indiana
Northwest Indiana Region Review
Chuck Dellorto on Active Rain
Suzanne Willems on Active Rain
Jeff and Grace Saffrin on Active Rain
Ronda Myers-Waters on Active Rain
Jana Caudill on Active Rain
The Valpo Core - VU blog on Fifth Hour activities
Kroencke Knew - IT and techy
Programming Czar - More IT
The Blue Light - Essay tips
Writing under the pressure of technology - The title says it all
Chapel of the Resurrection PodcastsBrauer Museum of Art Blog
Southshore Progressive
Life in Lake County
Lake County Comical Politics
Region Life - another NW Indiana blog by Christopher Hedges
Blue County Red State
Hammond Ramblings
Region Broad
NW Indiana Home Loan Guy
Young Fence News


Chris Hedges said...

Have you ever seen Chicago bloggers?

I like the way that they've set up their site using the train systems.

D said...

Just checked it out, love the layout and thought put into organizing it. Way beyond my abilities! They aren't accepting any more members either bummer.

I checked into too for a social network type site for all of us. I'm working on that now to see if it would work better and get us all some SEO.

Chris Hedges said...

I bet there is a way to set up something using WordPress and a RSS plug-in to grab headlines and an excerpt or two from local blogs. (I love WordPress after using Blogger since 2005).

The meat of the blog could be posts about what is happening in the NW Indiana blogsphere.

Chris Hedges said...

You're right that Chicago Bloggers is probably something that requires a strong programming ability. Also, they shut down new memberships because they were getting huge numbers of spam email. That's something I would have never thought about being a problem -- but is a consideration considering the proliferation of splogs.

The best way in the short term to build a community is to try to get people to comment on each other's blogs -- with real comments focused on the content, not just spammy "Great post, come visit my site" things.

I need to dig into some of the new blogs on the list and start commenting.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Chris, sorry I missed a couple comments there last week. Holidays and such.

I agree, best thing we can do is comment on blogs and try to get a core of perhaps 25 solid regular bloggers here in NW Indiana.