Monday, November 5, 2007

Why so few blogger in Northwest Indiana?

I have to believe that Northwest Indiana is just plain under-utilizing the blog phenomenon for business development.

Local business blogging beyond real estate

I have to agree with this post by Pat, but sadly even the real estate professionals in Northwest Indiana are few and far between.

Chuck Dellorto on Active Rain

Suzanne Willems on Active Rain

Jeff and Grace Saffrin on Active Rain

Ronda Myers-Waters on Active Rain

Jana Caudill on Active Rain

Trust me, it drops off pretty quick after these five Active Rain bloggers. I'm sure I've missed some Point 2 Agent sites, and perhaps a site somewhere. Send me the link if so.

But I'll stand by my original suggestion that it's time the Northwest Indiana real estate professionals join the 2004 web 2.0 phenomenon, or fear being left far behind when web 3.0 hits next year!

Come on over and join the discussion on northwest indiana social networking sites too at Daltons Briefs.


Allyn Paul said...

I'll tell you why there are so few. This is my opinion.

I own a telecom consulting company (T1s, integrated access, VoIP) and in NWI, business professionals are not tech savvy, and they are not interested in becoming so.
If I go to Illinois...different story...small business owners are eating up technology and streamlining their processes...they know that being on the cutting edge puts them ahead of their competition.
NWI has not adopted this attitude.
I'd assume that a majority of NWI realestate agents don't even know what an RSS feed is, or how to use one to develop readership in a blog.
NWI is tech challenged.

Earl said...

I talk about Northwest Indiana Tourism Industry in my blog. Which can effect development in Northwest Indiana. go to I think there are more bloggers out there but hidden or don't know about each other.

Eliezer said...
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Leo said...

D said...

I have added all those new links submitted here in comments. I'm going to work on a full list of all the blogs Ive found since last April here in Northwest Indiana, and try to post this weekend.