Monday, November 12, 2007

Valpo Mayor Costas begins next Costas Plan

After finishing many of the goals of his first plan, Mayor Costas will now prepare the details of the next 4 year plan. He suggests though that he will be gaining input from new council members and community leaders prior to nailing down all the details.
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Valpo mayor lays out plan for next 4 years

VALPARAISO | The downtown, the environment and sidewalks will be among the
issues the city focuses on for the next four years, Mayor Jon Costas

During the next couple of months, Costas will be drafting the
agenda for his second term and circulating it to get input from the public and
other sources before finalizing it by the end of March, he said.
Becoming more eco-friendly is something the city started with the formation of
the Energy Task Force, the switch to biofuels, the growth of the recycling
program and increased tree planting, but Costas said residents want the city to
take a leadership role in promoting energy conservation and other "green"

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Anonymous said...

the mayor and his kid should build a wall between here and mexico and stay on the other side ov it with all the"cheap labor" they hire